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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OverDoseKC, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Been reading around this site and there is some great info that I hope has prepared me for a great first grow. Alright, so this is what I have so far and what I plan on getting.

    I have 4 - 5 gal buckets and drilled holes in bottoms, a 400 watt HPS. I have 4 Diesel seeds and plan to LST with wire hangers around the buckets. I just started to sprout the seeds and am currently looking for soil. I looked around at Lowe's and Walmart and didn't find anything I think I should be using. It all had time released nutrients, I should not go with that correct? What should I be looking for?

    So what I think I have read, I should not be adding any nutes at least until after week 2. What kind of nutes should I be getting, is there one for veg and then change for flowering? Also plan on watering about every 2 days, and I plan on letting them get pretty dried out and then watering until it leaks through bottom of bucket.

    Pretty excited for the first grow. I was just sick of dealing with shady people and wanted my own stash. Have a pretty good size room as well and want to move to a bigger hydro setup for the next grow so any advice would be appreciated.
  2. good move. i think we all get tired of shady people once and again. i would suggest Grandpas grow guide, hes got alot of information. i would base your wanted advice off the questions you have from the guide.
  3. I personally feel MG Seed Starter works well for the seedling stage, no nutes, just water. I use 4-6 inch pots to start off. When I transplant to bigger pots, I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest.

    Personally, I think 4-5 gallon pots are too big to start plants, and if you plan on LST, you could probably go w/ pots half thgat size.

  4. FoxFarm is great soil if you can find a source but if not you may be able to find ProMix at Lowe's or Home Depot which works very well.

  5. really good advice for starters...pot sizes are very important to establish a healthy rootball/mass (regardless if doing a LST grow)

    1.start off in 4-6 inch pots
    2.transplant into 4-5 litre pots (im from uk, so you do the maths:D)
    3.transplant into final size pot (11-15 litres)

    therefore only doing 2 transplants.=minimul stress.
  6. Thanks motorheed, I agree w/ the transplanting, it is one of the things I dislike most about growing, it is messy work and can seldom do it w/out makiing a big soil mess about the house which must be cleaned up

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest is great soil to grow with, however I find it a tad too hot for seedlings and ealrly veg. Mg Seed Starter has no nutes if you buy the right stuff, even some generic seed starter works well. My only beef w/ the MG and Generic seed starting mixes is they are not sterilized, however considering how cheap they are, I do not mind the extra mixing and work to make it right for my application.

    I would definhately start off with some smaller pots regardless of how you plan on doing your grow, you will see better results. I have found when starting seeds in 3-5 gl pots they seem to start off slow.

  7. Thanks for the replies. So I went to the hydro shop on Sunday and got some Fax Farm Ocean Forest soil. My seedlings were sprouted so I placed them in plastic cups, I put plastic wrap over the top. The only light I have handy was a 26 watt cfl I placed just above the cups. Is 26 watt good enough for a week?

    One little lady already popped up out of the soil in less than 24 hours, no sign of the other three yet. How long should I leave the plastic over the top, or should that be there at all?

    So should I transplant them into a 1 gal pot before moving it to the 5 gal buckets?

    When should I place them under the 400 watt HPS?

    What nutes should I get from the hydro store this weekend? I was just going to get the Fox Farm Grow Big (6-4-4) and the Tiger Bloom (2-8-4).

    Again thanks for the help. I am extremely new to GC and am very happy that I came across this site. It really motivated me to finally get into growing my own product.
  8. Is it worth me trying the LST method where you wrap it around the inside of the bucket with hangers or should I just let it grow straight up? Basically is the risk worth the reward for a first time grower?

  9. No reason why he should not start his plants into the final size pots he intends to use, you do not HAVE to transplant them.
  10. Two of my four seeds have sprouted out of the soil, still waiting on the other two. I hope they come soon. When should I place them under the HPS, any recomendations on how tall I should let them get before transplanting them to buckets and putting under the big light?
  11. I would transplant them after sexing (read my link) - females to larger pots, males to the compost heap.

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