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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by budbailey7, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Hey guys i am new to grass city, i came to hopefully get some advice on my first grow. Here are the details so far. I put 2 seeds in cups of water for 1 day and a half, one seed being chocolope and the other being purple diesel. The chocolope has a nice green little root coming out so i planted it about half an inch deep, but the purple diesels root was black, i planted it anyway. They have been planted for 2 days now and i can see the chocolope starting to break the surface of the soil:) however i can't see any of the purple diesel yet. They are each planted in an 18 Oz red solo cup. I need to keep them in the red solo cup for the entire grow because i need to keep it stealth as possible. I am doing 12/12 from seed and have a small fan blowing on them because the light i am using gets very hot. I was wondering how much i should be watering them and how i can keep the plants as small as possible that will still produce buds. I don't care if i only get like 2 grams per plant, i need to keep the plants as small as possible. Please don't say its a waste of time because its just for me and i would really be happy if i could do this even if my yield is tiny:) any advice is very appreciated, thank you
  2. Solo cup whole time what you want a gram a plant
  3. 3gal pots 2-3 oz max some get more some get less you do math solo cup about two cups soil that's about a gram
  4. i know it sounds silly but I'm ok with only getting a gram if thats the case, i just want to give it a try
  5. O alright then yeah but the other one sounds like died you left in cup water to long you leave it about twelve hours touch it make it go under if sinks then wrap in so m wet paper towel fold up throw in zip lock leave basically open maybe barely folded works Everytime when only putting down couple seeds need to be spot on
  6. alright, should i give it couple more days or should i just throw it away now?
  7. Check every day it can go to long in a day or so then you have to crack seeds open yourself nurse stuff back to health bottom line allot stress I got proof right now the two that happen to are way behind.... Only bc the damn seeds were extra hard on those twobc they were mis shaped but can't complain with order seeds
  8. Btw I know it's small grow but even for smallest grow you need efficient lighting so what kind light are you using be straight up...btw need to get pics up and this probably should have been in micro grow
  9. alright ill do that, if you have the time i have a couple more questions like how far from the light should they be and how often should i water them?
  10. If your really impatient u can pull back soil if you don't have white tip coming out bottom seed it gone did it ever sink in water or float whole time
  11. i know this is pathetic but I'm using a 50W light that is i use for my turtle
  12. the purple diesel still has nothing but the chocolope tip is probably about 3 times longer than when i planted it
  13. Water when needed when soil gets dry water... Water till we saturated but no crazy with it dying water again till you can move soil back and see dryness... can't really give you right advice with the solo cup bc that's not gonna need but but probably six table spoons water each time make sure you put drain holes on bottom cup
  14. yea i have drain holes and i have been using a spray bottle to mist the surface
  15. Ur gonna need CFL at least the spiral bulbs and I'd say at least three a plant to get proper lighting and CFL go really close to plant if your using a heat lamp for reptile you be better off getting light out socket in your lamps three per plant... With that heat lampp you'll never grow anything and seeds will be dry and burnt... Don't kill the messenger just cause this ain't what you wanna hear and your gonna do it anyways like most news want get you anywhere but just like every noob learning every way not to grow pot first
  16. i appreciate the honesty i have another light i will put up a picture of but it is only 13w
  17. Btw if you have any of life you can't growing pot they're out for everyone to see I know you have friends biggest no no don't tell anyone or you'll find out who's not your friends really fast

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