First Grow Adivce Needed n Wlecomed

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  1. -Coco Coir
    -Gorilla Glue Seeds 3weeks old
    -PH drops kit water us somewhere between 5-6 looks I try to get a mix of both the color range so I assume closer to 5.5-5.9 Runoff Tests the Same as well.
    -Started Outdoor Moved to indoor, Lights are on 24hrs(470watt LED BULBS) so Thats a big stress factor.
    -I might be overwatering themx I did at the start I try to water every 3-4days.
    -1tsp Micro 1/4tspGrow 1/4Bloom 1tspCalmag in that order combined in 1gal container. Been feeding it every watering
    -I recently started misting them with the same nute solution, that might be cause spotting. Im gonna stop.

    Plant pic1 1gal FabricPot
    Plant has spot looks orangeish, lower leaves I assumed got nute burn awhile back, haz yellow edges.

    Plant Pic 2 Small Plastic Square Pot
    Same Symptoms as Plant 1 but also had Bute burn on tips of older leaves.

    Plant 3 same as plant 1but the Growth looks weird and Thick, like Wrinkled. Boron Defic?

    Its been 85-97 all week plabts are kept cool thru a portable ac but its also a dehumidifier so I doubt much moisture is in air, placed a pot of water with plabts in hope of evaporation.

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  2. Why don't you just use the Lucas Formula for coco. 6ml Micro and 9ml Bloom. Your coco/perlite mix looks good and airy. Did you start in small pots or did you start in the pots they are in now?
  3. Started in smaller ones, small square plastic ones. Switch to 1Gal Fabric Pots bout a Week Ago. Thanks tho! Ill look into the formula b try it next feed. Ill post Pictures every Friday on how theyre doing.
  4. Im trippin hard on the top leaves here. Flushed the coco 2days ago with clean stable ph and nutes. Not sure as what the deficiency is. Boron? I used FridgeFiltered Water, might lacked certain minerals? Orangeish spots too if u can see

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