First Grow - A Flop

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by adb3, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Here are some notes form my first Grow, which was a complete failure...

    I planted about 6 seeds at the very end of may, as of today all of them are dead, here's what I learned, and some questions I have.

    Adjustment: I recieved 3 young plants that had been started in a window sill, I planted them emedaatly in my plot and they where eaten by something. (1. Is Water boiled w/ garlic effective deterrent for all pests, 2. How about a more open area, is it less sucestipulble to pests?)

    Feds don't scare me: Nothing fucks with your head more than going out to check on your babys at night and seeing 2 sets of eyes looking at you as you shine the flashlight into the dark woods!!!

    Sealing the younglings: Most of my bagseeds germinated ( >50% ) in their little soda bottles w/ the tops cut off, but not too many lasted, I think they where eaten by various pests. (would it be prudent to put a stocking or some other screen over the top of the container for my next grow?)

    Speaking of my next grow, I had some lowRyder hybrid in mind, somethin that's auto-flowering and relitivly small, so that i could grow it quite close to home, with minimal time to flowering, and maximum supervision. Obviously I need to rethink how I am going about this AND I NEED FEEDBACK:confused:

  2. Yes, if you have pests putting a screen or something over the plants will help for larger pests. For smaller pests the ground up garlic works well I hear. Don't grow in a window sill; this only gives a maximum of 4-6 hours of light a day which is not nearly enough. If you grow inside get some fluoros or an HID. Lowryder I hear is not a great strain but, if you have limited verticle space, the plant does not get very tall.
  3. If pests or little animals are a problem I suggest you use hair it works very well. Animals wont even come near it. Just spread some out all around it and it should be good to go.:cool:
  4. use neem oil for the pests.

  5. I make an organic insecticide with garlic and soap, it works well.

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