First Grow - a few questions.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by arroganttwat, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I am pised off with bying crappy bud, so i want to grow my own. I can´t be bothered to read the stikies or use the search button, so need sumeone to tell me abslutely everythink I need to know.
    I dont want to spend any money, and dont want to make any effort at all - don´t these things grow on their own.
    And I want at least a pound a plant.
    And want is the strain that grows in the fastest time - I dont want to wait at all.
    Thanks for your help.
  2. lol..yeah buying crappy bud does suck but I think your expectations are a little far fetched (lb. per plant) for being a beginner.To grow you have to put in some kind of effort,as well as spend a little money,and be patient.You gonna grow outside or indoors?If indoors your gonna need a light as well as soil,nutes,and seeds,ect.Outdoors you gonna have to travel to your site,find a water source,and then your gonna have to travel back and forth to the site,ect so that doesnt sound logical considering you don't want to make any effort at all.You won't get a lb. per plant(dry that is) unless you put in some serious effort.If you don't want to wait,try an auto flowering strain.They're available from pretty much every seed bank,but they won't yield nearly that much.Also try to get feminized as it seems you might get pretty angry if you wait all that time to get a bunch of males lol.But from what I've learned that past couple years of growing is that patience and money are pretty much essential.I say if you have atleast $300.00 to spend on growing,and you get all the correct supplies,you'll be very happy at the end.IMO,you def cannot slack on the light.You can veg with inexpensive CFL's but for flowering it must be HPS,which will probably run around $120.00 for everything (light,reflector,and ballast)You can also get MH/HPS conversion for about 40.00 more.Use MH for veg and HPS for flower.In the end,you're gonna have to spend money and you're gonna have to wait.Hope this helps bro.And read those stickies they really help too.
  3. Don't think anyone will have any real respect for someone who doesn't take the time to read something that's right there. Read the stickies its the exact same thing.

    Your sarcasm is really pointless.
  4. Sorry man, but your post make no sense what-so-ever(man I like that hyphenated word). For one, it will take right about the same amount of time to read as it would for me to share my 20+ yrs of experience to teach you, and honestly, my time is worth money IMHO. Second, it does not grow itself, it takes time care and compassion to grow even decent flowers. Third, you do not want to put forth any effort, so basically saying you are lazy and want all the rewards w/out putting in any efforts, growing is not a lottery jackpot my poor misguided soul. It takes all the effort and twice the work to grow even decent mid grade bud.

    Here is my offer to you, I will supply all the equipment, do all the work, and harvest all the flowers, you then can set back and watch me smoke it, NO! You cannot hit it, but I will allow you to watch me smoke the wonderful bud I just grew.

    Anyway, good luck with this.

  5. Arroganttwat - do I sense you are having a laugh here?? I do agree that this is the thread that we all hate the most - LOL!!!

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