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First grow _ stealth micro grow box

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by airhead888, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I just started a box grow that needs to be stealth.

    I built a 24" x 20" wooden box
    Cut three holes for 3 80mm fans, 2 for intake 1 for outake,will probably be adding more later
    Inserted 8 CFL bulbs into a wooden plank attached to a timer
    Bubbler Hydroponic diy with an air pump and a reservoir with hydroton, rockwool, plant net
    Using filtered tap water
    Reflective Insulating lining
    Got a temp/ humidity monitor
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    here's my growbox setup
    my light panel is just resting on the fans right now so the lights closer to the plant as soon as it sprouts, but usually it'd be on the top of the brackets.

    what do you guys think?
  3. Feb 9 - Feb 12: Germination
    Feb 12: Transferred seed to rockwool
    Feb 15: Its popped out
  4. watts? what strain?
  5. ducttape /black plastic wrap your tupaware/bubbler box or it will grow algae and light is bad for the roots anyway
  6. They should be 100watt outpout compact cfl's in super white and white.

    As for the strain I'm not sure yet because I germed 3 seeds in same cup and lost track of the types :/ but it should be LA OG.

    Thanks for the tip I'll seal the reservoir up from light

  7. For the lights, refer to them by the acgtual watts used, not the equivelant. Those look like 42 watts if I'm not mistaken.

    I wuld redo your ventilation. All ur intakes should be passive,meaning no fan blowing air in the box. Your exhaust's should have all the fans blowing air out. This keeps negative pressure in the cab and allows for better circulation and cooling. Intake and exhaust should also be at opposite sides of the box
  8. Thanks Ikrux

    The two fans on the right are for intake and the one on the left is for outtake.
    I already made a carbon filter for it, but its not attached right now since I dont really need it.
    I'll probably add another outtake later. Ventilation should be ok right now or is it?
  9. So I've now taped up my reservoir and changed the water. Planning on changing it out every week.

    this picture shows the carbon filter in place. holds up the light panel nicely but no need yet so I'm changing it out with a piece of my old model to hold it level.

    this is another picture of it growing. It seems a little bigger when compared to the previous closeup up top and its only been less than half a day.

    underside shot showing the interior setup i guess

    When should I start leaving the lights on an 18-6? They're not on at all right now don't worry
  10. Ikrux I've been thinking about that ventilation issue and my box is pretty air tight so I should just have open holes and no fans to draw air in? I based my design lightly on another thread I was watching which was a pc grow and worked very well. It seems like he had two fans pulling air in and two fans pulling air out, and like you said on opposite sides.


  11. yea, most people do fans only on the exhaust. the exhaust pushes the hot air from the lights out and while also doing that, the intake is sucking air in on its own due to the pressure caused by the exhausts pushing effect. theres a thread around here somewhere..says its more efficient with temps.
    the point is, is to have stronger air being pulled out than pulled in so fresh air always enters and old air doesnt bounce around inside.

    i have 2 fans and their both on 1 exhaust outake, works better than i had it before, and using less energy to power those fans than before,efficiency!:hello:
  12. most people only have an intake to blow air at the plants they grow stronger stems like they would from a natural breeze.
    it helps avoid fungus/mould diseases aswell from all the fresh air circulating around the leaves/bud sites.

    you do the same thing for many regular plants such as when you grow chillies indoor
  13. this isnt the only forum im on..

    having the intake and exhaust on opposite sides makes fresh air blow through anyways..thus creating negative pressure so when u do use a carbon filter, the negative pressure causes no air leaks from the grow chamber.

    icmag is a good forum also..lots of growers on it.

    the fan doesnt need to be pointing at it.
  14. its only negative pressure if more air is going out than what is coming in just having an intake and exhaust does not = negative pressure.

    you have to take into account the exhaust is pushing through a filter aswell so if your using 2 identicle fans you need to downvolt the intake
  15. Yo air nice setup. Me and ur boxes r the same dimensions. I dont even use computer fans and my temps r 75-85. From my exp. Your intake should be 2x's the size of exhaust. I had my intake smaller and temps were 95-100. I opened intake to roughly 2x's size of my exhaust hole and temps dropped immediatly. Im using 198watts of cfls.

    Also exhaust needs to b closer to top of box.(hot air rises) and intake near bottom. If u use all3 fans for exhaust, at top of box and cut a biggr intake your temps will remain stable throughout grow. Thats what you want consistency. It'll also help keep humidity in chck.
    When plant starts to grow and box starts gettin full your temps r gonna soar w/current setup.

    Whta r ur temps & humidity anyway?

    Ill be followin. Holla.

    Oh yeah grasscity is a better site than all other forums ive been to. People here r about helpin, not about tryin to outdo each other & and seeing who can spend the most money. This site is def tha best for micro grows. Holla
  16. I'm totally new to this pressure thing inside the box, I was thinking an intake and an outtake and thats it. But I'll be adding a 120mm fan to the top pretty soon, I just got the fan hooked up so it can be plugged into the socket, now I just needa saw out another hole :/ but better now than later!
    Hopefully the 120mm will offset the heat better because the carbon filters going on will decrease air flow.
  17. Thanks for the info man do you have a thread on your grow as well? I'll be interested!

    My temps right now are averaging 72-78
    As for humidity its looking on an average of 33% is that enough?

    So you just have fans for outtake and none on the intake and its still nice temps? I was thinking of leaving the intakes fanless, but as the other guy said I think fans blowing on the base or near it will strengthen the stem so I figured it wouldnt hurt.

    The thing is I'm trying to cut as little into the box as possible because this grow has to be super stealth lol

    Grasscity is definitely helping out right now
  18. lookin good bra. are your roots planning just to grow into water? because that looks pretty easy maybe i should try dat out, is that bubbleponics or whut
  19. as for the fans blowing on the plants... just have a circulating fan on them... just any regular fan with a stand that oscillates will work... it doesnt need to be on the intake and there is really no reason to have it on the intake actually... the negative pressure should take care of the temps as long as you have your exhaust above/next to your lights so the hot air can easily rise and move away from the canopy.

    P.S. sorry for the big block of text, and also subbed lookin forward to the grow because you are going to be "killin" them wit wats. they should grow niceley with that much light... and i also hope you are looking into scrog because it will keeps your plants short since you have such a limited space
  20. thanks man. yeah i got my bubbleponics going on this one with the pump to the side and i'll be changing out the water every week

    thanks for the feedback medibuds. i'll just leave the fans on there for now cause im too lazy right now lol. wont hurt right? I just got a 120mm fan which i'm going to install toward the top of the box later as another outtake, which i'm also making a carbon filter for.

    and you already read my mind man. I'm going for a scrog grow, but still doing research on it. seems simple enough but if i need help you're here right? :D

    thanks for the sub, i'll make sure its worth it!

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