First Grow (8xWhite Skunk,CoCo,1000 Watt)

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    This is my first grow, and i really want to make it count. I'm trying to provide as much info and pictures as possible so fire away!

    Soil- Canna CoCo (Organic)
    Week 0-2 Canna Start (Not Organic)
    Week 2-3 Canna A,B,Rhizotonic,Cannazym (Not Organic)
    Ratio: 15Mil:1Gal (per nute)
    Water Ph- 6.2
    Seedling lighting 2x23 watt t5 6500k
    Veg light- 1000 watt mh, 24/0
    Flower light- 1000 watt hps 12/12
    Climate: 74 F, 40% Humidity
    Seed Breeder: White Label
    Genetics: White Widow X Super Skunk, Sativa/Indica mix, leaning more indica.

    *****MORE PICS IN THREAD*****

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  2. your pots look really dry. with peat pots like that you should keep the actual "pot" moist.
  3. i was actually about to water them again today :D
  4. Looks good man, I'm a big fan of organic grown bud so I wish you the best of luck. Sub'd on this one :smoke:

  5. IMO organics have the best taste :) I will also be posting more pics later this week.
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    FYI Canna Coco nutes are not organic whatsoever. I personally think that Canna does make good nutes for Coco - but theyre not even close to organic.

    good luck though.


    edit - Canna does make an organic line - but Coco nutes are not one of them - thanks.
  7. Some more photos. 4th day with full vegetation nutes. They look quite a bit healthier, especially on the developing fan leaves.

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  8. There is no doubt - you will see fantastic results using the Canna line. Make sure you use them all - the Rhizotonic, Boost, Cannazym, etc...

    Good luck, but you wont need it with Canna. They take all the work out of it for you!



  9. thanks jerry! and im defiantly using all of them! my local hydro store is an authorized dealer so i stay updated on all the news :)
  10. Start of week 3! I plan on raising the light here in a day or so. Also transplanting them into 5 quart buckets on week 4. and on week 4 I will be turning on the 1000 watt MH and vegging them for two more week after that.

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  11. Looking helathy and great fan setup!

  12. Looks good. Wish I had the space and money for a setup like this.

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