First Grow - 7'Hx4'Dx2'W - 400 watt MH/HPS

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  1. Hey guys, this is basically my first grow. I have been growing 4 plants for the past 3 or 4 months and decided to cut some clones from them. I cut 3 clones from each plant which strains are:

    • Grape Skunk
    • Super Skunk
    • Cindy 99
    • Big Bud
    Here's a little bit about my setup. I am growing in a hidden closet that is 7' tall, 4' deep, and not quite 2 feet wide. I am growing organically in soil and I have been using MG fert but I think I am going to switch to Fox Farm for these clones. I am using a 400 watt HPS ballast with a MH conversion bulb for veg. The closet stays between 75F and 84F with the light on and 68F to 75F with the light off. It is a fairly dry climate so RH is usually between 40% and 60% but I'm working on keeping it in the 60's or so. I have never grown before but I have read A LOT and have a pretty good basic knowledge.

    Right now, I am combatting a losing battle to spider mites and I have read about the garlic/soap spray but I am worried about it leaving a residue on the plants. I have noticed if I can keep the humidity around 60 or 70 the majority of the mites seem to die or at least migrate elsewhere. Any help on this would be great! I don't want to use any chemicals on my precious girls though so I may just have to buy some ladybugs or something.

    So, currently I have 12 clones taking root, 1 Tiger Mango seedling, and 1 bag seedling, with the 4 mother plants I have. The mothers will be moving to my buddy's house when these clones take root. I will be starting them on an 18/6 cycle. When I move the clones to the soil should 5qt pots be big enough for their life span? and roughly how big can they get before getting root bound?


    PS- Pics are coming shortly :D
  2. Ok well, my clones aren't looking so good :( They are still alive but really droopy. I am now considering flowering my 4 mother plants instead of keeping them mothers but I don't know, what do you guys think? I am still working on posting some pics, for some reason my internet connection isn't letting me upload to GC. Maybe I'll use my buddy's internet.

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