First grow 750 "watt" LED SCROG

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  1. Started with 3 Cuvee seeds...they could have been from a Cuvee hermie or another hermie. I work at a large recreational grow. Anyway, I pulled them from a Cuvee bud. I like most our strains and this is my first grow so any cross, i won't complain about.
    So I grew 2 in Fred Meyer cloth shopping bags and 1 in a bonsai pot (just for fun). Coco/vermiculite Home Depot Black Magic line (unmodified). Home Depot Black Magic nutes (started at half strength..half tsp each of the 2 part system, per gallon). Switched to 1 tsp each per gallon halfway through veg.
    Topped the plant that's usually on the right, more than the one on the left. Also tied down the one on the right more.
    Started with a 300 watt Vipar spectra 300 and added a 450 Vipar when I went to 12/12 monday.
    0802170518[1].jpg 0812172058[1].jpg 0812172058a[1].jpg
    0711171932[1].jpg 0712172327[1].jpg 0712172327a[1].jpg 0724172021[1].jpg

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  2. Don't know why it went out of order. The one's with the blue Bic lighter on the right were taken today.

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