First grow.72w fluo all the way.

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  1. Welcome!

    This is a long story.
    So we should star at the end.:D Here i am right now.
    I've made a LOT of mistakes, i know.






    The seeds was sitting in the fridge for two years now.
    The light is a 4x18 watt fluo with an electric ballast.
    She grew in soil, 1.5 gallon (5.5l). Since i have earthworms, i've put some of them in this pot too.
    The plant was in weg about 6 weeks and its in flowering for 6-8 weeks i think.
    Here is the first pic of her.
    2011.05.02. DSC07737.jpg

    Not everything runs according to plan, but thats how it is.

    Greatings Friends!
  2. I gotta say, Im a little impressed that you guys are getting any bud off of such low lighting. Not bad at all considering the conditions man. Keep on growing brother.
  3. Some fresh pics



  4. Nice, how tall did you let it get before you started to flower?
  5. Now is she is 3.5 feet -110cm tall,and as far as i can tell from the earlier pics she was 60-70 cm. I didnt know the exact day to turn flowering. Bad-bad me! :D
    The streching still goes on.
  6. Hello there, if anyone still interested, and sorry...

    My thread is messy, it wont change now.:smoke:

    I already harvested the plant, here are some pics.


    I didnt had a microscope, only a 20x lupe, but what i saw is that about 10-20 percent of the trich was amber at the harvest.
    And since i've quick dried and smoked some thumbsized flowers 3-4 weeks before the harvest i can tell you, that i harvested a little late.
    It was still better, then any pickups from the streets, but when i've smoked the earlier flowers, there was no "couchlock".
    I didnt have a scale, and i've smoked about one third of the yield before harvest:D, but if anyone would ask i said it was 15-20 g the complete yield.

    Some of the flowers still could reach the end of the curing process, here are the pics of the last remainders.

    I tried to take cuttings in vegetation and in flower time too.
    At harvest time i've counted, so i know, i've took about 16 cuttings from these plant.
    No one rooted but one!
    The very last one. I took her 1 week before the harvest.
    The small plant didnt show any growing for 3-4 weeks, only the rooting happened.
    Now, as you can see, she grew some weird lookin leaves.
    Hold it together for this little girl!

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