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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mro1322, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. I'm currently 7 weeks into my first grow, how are these looking for being this far along?

    The first, from the left, has been topped twice, the second has been super cropped along with lst, the third was a runt that was struggling since the beginning but has begun making it's comeback.[​IMG]

  2. Looking really small for 7 weeks man.. mine is almost triple the size ( I am in dwc though)

    Where is the ventilation?
    Where is the drainge for pots man?
    What's he wattage of the light?
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  3. Yeah definitely made a few mistakes along the way.

    1. For ventilation, I have a 240 cfm exhaust fan at the top of the tent. Is that the best place for it?

    2. For drainage, nothing. I let them drain in a bathtub for a little, then move them back into the tent with a towel under them for about 2 hours.

    3. I started with a shitty cfl light setup, 6 65 watt equivalent bulbs, so hardly anything. 2 weeks ago I got my new light, a 400 watt MH.

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  4. I also have 2 fans blowing into the tent, 1 oscillating, the other fixed.

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  5. Ah okay man, didn't see any of that, they will like the new light, maybe move the pots around in a like triangle shape to get more light... so the buckets have holes in the bottom for drainge bro ?
  6. I was thinking about moving them into a triangle shape. Also, yes I drilled several holes into the bottom of each bucket for drainage. I've also been using a 70/30 soil mix of fox farm ocean forest and Coco pearl for about the last month.

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  7. Okay then should pick up soon!
    Everything you are doing seems good so far, maybe lose the towls and get some trays so the water can fully run off ? Just a thought.
  8. Yeah I'm purchasing my hortilux flowering my light this week. I may consider getting some sort of tray as well because I'd also like to put in some trellis netting and I don't want to have to remove them from the tent every time I water.

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  9. Maybe put them on risers in a catch tray that way they can freely drain you can easily measure the pH runoff

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  10. Yeah, I was considering using a pallet for the time being and place a tray underneath. One thing I have noticed though is purple stems. Is that normal? Besides that, the plants look pretty good in my opinion.

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  11. Purple stems are a sign of a defficncy, I can't remember what one but google it - they do look okay man, wilting a little that's about all

    And I think some strains do that that purple stem (could be wrong)
  12. Mixing soil with coco is that ok to do ? have not seen that before but im new
  13. Yeah that was a recommendation from the owner of our local hydroponics store.
  14. Here's a quick update of my first grow. All 3 plants are female and looking great in my opinion.[​IMG]
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