first grow 6th week of flowering

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  1. she looks lanky i know.. but i have one week before i have to move out of my apt and cut this baby down. do you have any suggestions on what i can do this week to maximize my yield?
    and why would most of the fan leaves getting brown and yellow spotsall over them?
    i have 5 42 watt cfl 2700k. havnt given it any nutes.

    any suggestions would be sweet :smoke:

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  2. if you haven't fed it throughout its life it has probably gotten all it can from the soil and is now using its own carbs to stay alive. Theres not real change you can make to increase the yeild at this point if you are cutting her down next week. All you can do is learn from this and make sure to feed your next crop then stop feeding 2-3 weeks before harvesting. Flushing- feeding only with water to dissolve leftover nutrients in the plant and salt build up in the soil. make for a better tasting bud. since you didn't use any nutes your bud will naste very go and burn well as long as you give them the nesseccary time to cure. Slow and steady win this race for sure. sorry to rant just trying to give you all the information i hav to offer.

    I'm no expert by the way, i'm just telling you what i have learned from my grows.
  3. Move all the lights 2-4 inches away from that top main cola and hope it fattens up more.
  4. thanks bosses.. i have the lights on 8/16 hoping that will help speed up the process.
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    Stole this from Toastybiz Theory- The idea behind extended dark at the very end of flowering is to fool the plant into thinking it is deep winter to force it to channel all its energy away from survival and into plumping up the buds in a last-gasp attempt to procreate before dying. That's the theory, anyway, and under that theory you recognize that you are causing the plant irreparable harm but you don't care since you are chopping within days anyway.

    Ah yes the old less light theory for the last week. While this is a good theory in trying to simulate the coming winter i think what happens is you just rob the plant of light actually slowing down the process. Ive researched this a bit with a different threads and listen to numerous arguments and flaming about it. After reading them it is my belief that the reason the plants pack on crystals in darkness is due to temperature not the actual light change. They respond to the drop in temperature to bulk up on resin not lack of light in other words. And im unsure about the denser bud part of switching your light cycle. While in theory it seems sound in that the plant would put all its energy into its bud im skeptical. And with the theory toasty is talking about the less light fools the plant into thinking winter is coming it is just a theory. IMO you should keep your girls 12/12 till harvest or atleast 10/14. The more light you get them the denser the buds IMO. And plants pack on the most weight to the buds in the last two weeks. Again this is more my opinion not anything proven, and my opinion can be changed haha. So if you decide to keep it 8/16 more power to you curious to see how they turn out. But plant looks good otherwise subd for harvest. :smoke:
  6. Just put the bulbs closer and fertilize light one more time if you haven't in awhile, otherwise start flushing. The most important thing is putting the bulbs closer.
  7. Add big bud it will help ur nugs grow

  8. i already switched to 8/16 a week ago.. it would be bad to swtich back to 12/12 again im guessing...?

  9. Yeah dont switch back you could hermie them

  10. if they're a week away from cutting, it wont matter if they get hermied. just switch her back to 12/12 and get that lady some more light for her last week.

    -happy growing
  11. ^^^ that!

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