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    Hey All ! -- Thanks for Visiting!
    This is my first grow and first journal !

    There are a lot of hurdles along the way and im sure more will come - that's where you -
    The lovely people of grasscity come in and save the day! We are family and hope we can help eachother! :love-mj2:

    - Root Riot Seedling Soil
    - Biobizz All Mix Soil
    - Biobizz Grow + Bloom
    - Epsom Salt
    - Molasses
    - Mineral Water + Tap Water (150ppm)
    - 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0M Tent (IN PROGRESS)
    - 600W HPS / MH
    - 5' intake and 5' exhaust
    - Carbon Filter,
    - Cooltube
    - Oscillating Fan
    - Fabric Pots (3.8L, 16L)
    - 5 Plants ( 2 X White Widow - Seedsman , 2 X Aurora Indica - NIVANA , 1 X Bubble Bomb)

    First Grow - 600W - - PART1 --
    Please check out my first thread ^ Above ^ about this grow -- I started my grow posts here.

    Enjoy! :hello:
    [​IMG]White Widow 6 Days old :)

    Sprouted in Riot Root, Its Looking a little stretched at the moment :blink: should recover as soon as my MH Lamp arrives. May put some extra soil around the stem when i put the seedling in a bigger pot (3.8L)

    I'll keep this journal updated with pictures! Should have pics of the tent set up soon.

    :love-m3j: I welcome any comments or suggestions:love-m3j:
  2. Nice one bro. I'm subbed for sure.
    You'll want to bury like 3/4 of that stem lol
    Good luck!
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  3. Thanks :)

    I've Re-Potted 3 of them today as the roots were not to happy in the riot root, its like the texture of a sponge so roots went straight through and had a hard time turning back for soil. Plus i was having to water them like 3/4 times a day due to my crap humidity (30-40%)
    upload_2017-8-13_17-17-27.png :Love-Plant:7 days old
    Doing Much better with the MH Lamp, Currently set at 250W - 8 inches away.


    1 x white widow (3.8L smart) 1 x Aurora Indica (3.8L Smart) and 1 x white widow (3L brown pot)
    I only have 4 Smartpots(x2 sizes) so this brown one will have to do, Thinking of flowering the brown pot earlier than the others to give me more space.. Looks like your 4 plants -weedhead- take all the space ;)

    Currently at around 30 to 50% humidity , 29 to 31 C, Still don't have my cooltube so am exhausting the air with my intake and leaving the top holes open

    upload_2017-8-13_17-26-18.png upload_2017-8-13_17-29-43.png
    I have a little yellow spot on my new seedling, Does anyone know what this might be from ? Im thinking its had some water on the leaf+heat burnt it -- or a managanese deficiency ? I just hope its not BUGS -- I've heard that whiteflies can create yellow spots .. :blink:

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  4. I think Low humidity is a good thing. There's less problems and it Helps with higher temps. Might dry out the plants abit faster but that's not a problem, we can just water more! Seedlings like higher but they'll be fine. Mines pretty much the same range. As they get bigger it will slightly increase, the more leaves the more perspiration.
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  5. also no defciency yet lol. Those cotyledon leaves are supplying it with all it needs atm. mayeb a drop of water like you said, nothing to worry about.

    Also your in all mix, you'll get a toxicity before you get a deficiency. I bought a bag of all and light mix this time. All mix I'll save for its final transplant. I'm gonna go et the bio buzz nutes too. Can be considered all organic then I think..
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  6. Also I've just read though you supplies. Mineral water? You planning to Buy bottled water to water them?
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  7. Yup I use Bottled water :eek: Citric Acid for 6.3 - 6.8 PH -
    My tap water is hard and 9PH+ , Lots of PPM.. did not want that for my sprouting / seedlings .. Lots of people use R-O water and don't have any problems until flowering, maybe they need Cal-mag but I'll hopefully be able to use part tap water / mineral water mix if I see deficiency. :)

    I was suprised at how 'light' the All-mix soil is.. good stuff :thumbsup:
    Yeah organic sounds best -- Gotta have them tasty buds!:love-m3j:
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  8. all organic, can't wait to see it finished. Come flower your gonna have a lot of water trips lol.
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    yeah lol, I've already used like 4 litres.

    How much water do you think i'll need? haha
  10. Since about week 5/6 in 30 ltr pits. I was watering 5 Ltrs each but was too much. I've been at 3ltrs each every 3 days for a while. It depends How big you let em get I guess.
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  11. Also don't forget mineral water Will be striped of a lot of the metals that come through the tap. Does bio biizz have stuff like iron listed?
  12. :mellow: Cant find iron listed in grow or bloom -- on the bottles =
    biobizz grow - nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium
    biobizz bloom - nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium ...
    Not very helpful, lol.
    Black Molassas contais some iron :thumbsup:

    I have purchased a TDS/PPM Meter to test my tap and mineral water. This Meter should be a cheap way of testing water quality, mayb if my tap water is under 200ppm i'll just use that , if its 300+ i may have to shell out for a R-O Machine
    :blink: Did you use tap water on your grow ?
  13. Yeah I use tap water and I'm in a "hard area". I think it has to be real bad to my not use it. The plants don't need much of the trace but they do need a little of everything. NPK are the main three that they need lots of, there the main veg/bloom nutes. I had slight mag issue so I bought cal mag (calcium&magnesium). I also bought Epsom salta(sulphur&magnesium) to cover the sulpher base.
    When I get some money I'm gonna buy a proper Tds meter, I don't actually know how to measure yet I've not read up on them, I just went easy and just ph. But ppm measuring is the way all the top guys do it so you ahead for sure there.
    I think tap eater is fine expecially in soil, and as I say helps with the trace elements. Plus an RO machine will cost a pretty penny.
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    I purchased a TDS Meter for £4 and its good :thumbsup: Maybe not the most accurate but gives me an idea lol.
    My tap water reads 280ppm, Mineral water 80ppm.
    I Mix these together for 150ppm.

    Im suprised you had calcium and sodium issues -- Hard tap water is full of the stuff.. you should be able to find your tap water analysis with a quick check on google.
    What Cal/mag did you use ? I Cant find many organic ones

    R/O would be the best giving the exact nutrients the plant needs but this seems a bit excessive to me -- no harm in a little unknown/crap ppm :speechless:

    Little Update --------------------------
    All is good :)
    Noticed a little yellowing on this seedling :blush: - Aurora Indica

    Humidity currently around 30-45% n Temps 28-31C Running 400W MH

    My White Widow #1 BEST SO FAR
    My White Widow #2 uhmmm.. :GettingStoned: Runt Of The Litter, Haha.

    Had abnormal growth from day 1.. May have suffered some wind burn but mainly down to genetics, will be keeping my eye on this one :smoking:

    I have another 1 Bubble bomb Seedling ready to sprout any day now incase of emergency / replacement

    I will FIM and LST them at 4-5 nodes :thumbsup:

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  15. It was N and a little mag and under fed P. I think now, mainly N. I just wanted to cover all bases.
    I don't see any yellowing, new growth comes out paler, they look very healthy.
  16. Oh and it's called ionic cal mag. The colour of it I doubt it's organic lol
  17. Thankyou :) Yeah you had a big stretch she must have sucked up all that nitrogen. Did you stop using the Grow nutrients as soon as you switched to 12/12 ?

    Your Buds are looking great, bet you can't wait to harvest them:rolleyes: Seems like a Lifetime away for me lol
  18. RIP To my deformed white widdow in the brown pot , I seen a few black spots on the underside of 1 leaf so i threw that bitch in the bin - :mad: Lol i hope its not spidermites

    Cant see any other bugs on my plants but a possible leaf miner..

    I've sprayed my babys with rubbing alcohol + water and disinfected my grow area for now - Arghh
    I have got some neem oil on the way plus i will sprinkle a little diatomaceous earth ( Glass) To Kill ! :sneaky:
  19. No I only stopped useing the veg nutes this week. The problem i think was caused by me not increasing the grow nutes. I stuck at 5ml until the def started, full dose is 15ml. As they looked great I never increased, but obviously the stretch needed a lot more. A lesson learnt I guess.
    Man hope you don't et bugs, I can imagine them being ridiculously hard to rid..
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