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  1. Hey All! This is my first post and first grow! :smiley-rolling-joint:

    Setup =
    - Biobizz All Mix Soil, Biobizz Grow, Biobizz Bloom, Epsom Salt, Molasses, Mineral Water (Low Ppm)
    - 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 Tent (In progress) Will be 5' intake (280 m3/h) and 5' extraction (240Low-350Hi m3/h)
    Carbon Filter, Cooltube, 250-400-600-660W HPS Light, Oscillating Fan, Insulated Ducting

    5 Plants ( 2 X White Widow - Seedsman , 2 X Aurora Indica - NIVANA , 1 X Bubble Bomb - Bomb Seeds)

    I'm tired of paying top price for shit UK weed so I've done my research and have set up my own grow tent in the hope to save money and have some fun along the way. I appreciate all the guidance you lovely people of grasscity have to offer as without you and other forums I wouldn't know where to start.:love:
    My Baby Seedlings are 5 Days Old (White Widow) Grown from seed in ROOT RIOT ( UK Equivalent to Rapid Roosters ) The other seeds got planted yesterday. I hope growing 2/3 different small strains will not prove to be a bad idea.
    Moved the light closer to my seedlings today as they seem to have stretched quite a bit in 1 day , Do these look stretched ?? I've kept an osculating fan on them at all times to try strengthen the stem.

    Unfortunately with lowering the light temperatures soon hit 32-33C
    This is on a 250W setting so I have come to the conclusion that my tent is going to be way too hot at 600w with my current set up so have had to purchase a cooltube, a more powerful extraction fan and I will have to re-model my tent and put a hole in the wall but its all good fun -- just damn expensive :frown: These HPS Lights are a bitch to get under control without a proper ventilation system <_<

    I will keep this post updated with pictures - Any sugestions or comments are very welcome! :thumbsup:
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  2. HPS are terrible to veg with.. you need a metal halide for veg or some daylight CFL or blue or full spectrum LED's HPS has hardly any blues so the plant stretches and stretches... hps is great for flowering because the spectrum but it's a god awful spectrum for veg and will make them bastards stretch.

    Grow journal
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  3. Thank You :)

    1 x 600W Metal Halide Lamp on the way.... arghh take my damn money!! :love-mj2:
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  4. yeah for sure don't use HPS for veg. I use t5 fixtures with veg/blue bulbs in them and they work great and are low energy consumption. But I also have separate tents.
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  5. I have near the exact same setup as you. I'm 3 weeks into flower.
    Only difference I used biobizz light and went with fox farms soil. I'm gonna go bio bizz only next go.
    If you wanna have a look
    First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod

    You'll see I had to fight the temps too.
    I also started with the same type fan as you. And as its summer I had to double up to a 400ish CFM. But I went cheap and its noisy af! It does the trick though. I need get myself some insulated duct too!
    Make sure exhaust outside if possible, make sure bring in air from a different room. That defiantly helps wiTh my temps. My new fan was also 6" so I got a 6" cool tube and up sized duct where I could, used reducers to fit the 5" carbon filter.

    What type pots you got? And what are you planning in the way of training?

    Start a journel, I'm subbed.
    Good luck!
  6. Used to have a nice CFL Lamp back in the day when i grown some mushrooms :sneaky: shame i can't find it..
    I'll have to wait 2 days for the metal halide bulb to arrive :ph34r: If the stem does get tall and weak ill bury the stem a little with some soil when re-potting, hopefully won't come to that.
    I will use sunlight whenever possible and maybe a little HPS if the daylight is less than say 15 hours.

    Awesome Grow Man! You really trained that bitch good , Hahaa I am using Fabric pots like you and plan on FIM'ing and some LST(Ties Etc) But will not be putting as much effort in as you have done yours :biggrin:
    I Applaud you sir, them buds look beauuuuut!!!:weed:

    I would like things be a little more simple.. focus on the set up first and get a grow under my belt then next grow i'll go crazy on LST if im not happy with this one, All this new Kit and only around 2 weeks research under my belt I feel I have enough to keep track of :eek: - don't want to worry of LST to much.

    I did have a 5' 190m3/h Intake fan.. I used this for 1 night but was too damn loud and is total crap so had to purchase a new fan. The new 350m3/h Says 34DB Running sound so should be pretty quiet. Im looking forward to putting on the acoustic ducting and hopefully it will do its job.

    Thankyou for your comment, GoodLuck to you too ! I Hope Your buds are Big and Potent!! :):):)
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  7. Thanks dude!
    Plan sounds good. Only thing I want to add is the rating got me at first with the fan. We measure speeds in m3/h, everything you read is American lol it's CFM. My first was like 400m3/h but CFM Is half! So now my fan is 413cfm but 700 something m3/h.
    Also first fan was rated 34db I think(rvk sileo 125mm), but the new fan I bought cheap of eBay was only rated 2db louder but it's a fucking jet compared to my last. Haven't been able to sleep next to the tent since I got it lol..
  8. AHH Crap. Thanks for the heads up -- My 180 m3/h will have to do for now... Its still going to be a huge improvement to what i started with :) 700m3/h is like a Lot of power, with power comes noise :eek:
    Sounds like you would benifit from a fan box and some acoustic ducting :biggrin:

    I've Modified and installed my New Intake, Really pleased with how it turned out.
    upload_2017-8-11_18-31-36.png DIY FAN BOX upload_2017-8-11_18-34-6.png
    Used whatever crap i had around the house -- 1 x spare 5gal bucket some underlay flooring/insulation, bit of wood and some childs gel insoles :Dand some spray glue.. jobs a good un, it is reallly quiet now. Id say the acoustic duct is worth it especialy if its keeping you up at night haha, the only downside - its a little bulky.
    upload_2017-8-11_18-39-6.png My 1.2 1.2 2M Tent , In Progress.
    I can't set up my extraction system yet as the stupid ass seller sent me the wrong fan :cautious:

    upload_2017-8-11_18-37-18.png :yay: Leaves are filling out a bit more :thumbsup:
  9. You'll see as you turn the light up it gets hotter. I think you'll need around 400m3 at least to create negative pressure, depending how much duct and set up etc.

    Your box looks amazing. I've tried and failed many times, I have it wrapped in about ten layers of underlay for now lol. I need that insulated duct, Ive been too lazy lol.

    How far you got your light, she's stretched crazy. Also didn't you say your in uk?
  10. Should just leave it in the tent weathers shit. You must live in the country or something if you ain't worried about prying eyes lol
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  11. Haha yeah good old UK Weather.

    Thankyou !! I Hope the temps will settle at no more than 31C -- The plant has been at around that temp for a few hours with no issues and that's still a baby so would like to think it can handle the higher temps -- hope the other strains can too lol. I can't just keep buying more and more powerful fans as im not made of money haha, Maybe ill have to keep my grow light at 400W if it's too hot, we will have to wait and see if shit hits the fan lol.
    I was thinking about adding co2 as it allows the plants to take heat better -- but there is no 'cheap' way.
    I do worry about prying eyes that's why i have silenced my fans lol :hide:
    I do live in the UK yes ;) The little guys are still small, I hardly see them from outside so no biggie.

    The first few days after sprouting (1 or 2 days) I did not give them any light, then i gave it a HPS Light on a 250w setting 18/6 around 3 days @15 to 20 inches away , The past day or so i've left her on the windowcil to get some real sunshine (more blue spectrum) as a temporary measure while i wait for my MH Light and cooltube to arrive.
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    What i've read about acoustic duct -- get one with an inner seal membrane (like plastic) as the duct itself has holes in and hot air can escape back in to the tent, i got 5M of the stuff for around £13 :) -- Here is my Journal :biggrin: The Rest of the grow will be posted here. Thankyou for Viewing!
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  13. Ah yes your mh is on the way. You'll be fine, I'm flowering now so temps are hotter, flowering under 30c with 600. Temps have been cooler last few days like 27/28 and Ive even turned up to 660w today. I think 26 is ideal. it will be much cooler by the time you flip to 12/12 so you'll most probley be just right. co2 will most likely be a waste, I think you need a sealed environment for it to have an effect, besides you'll have plenty of airflow with the inline/extraction combo.

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