First Grow, 600w Soil, 2 Feminized Seeds, 2 Bagseed

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  1. Alright, well I think its time to finally start a journal so I can keep track of all my stuff.
    Basic Stats:
    FFOF soil
    Floragro, Floramicro, and Florabloom
    600watt Digital HPS with a few CFLs around the side

    As you can see, all 4 plants were LST'd for quite a while. In total, im looking at 34 bud sites out of only 4 plants. The ladies are getting around 16-20 ounces of water every other day. Water is distilled by the gallon, with 1 tsp floramicro and 2 tsp of florabloom. Ph is usually around 6.0-6.2. Seems to be working really well with 0 signs of nute burn. Lighting is a 600 watt HPS that is currently hanging around 18inches from the top of the highest bud site. Got a fan blowing heat away from the plants, its around 78F when the lights are all on during the day, chilling around 65 at night time. Leaves are looking reallly really nice with a beautiful green color.

    Latest pics are about 11 days into flowering.

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  2. And here are the ladies 2 weeks into flowering. Pictures are:

    1. View from the top, bud sites are really starting to go towards the lights and show some buds.
    2. Shot of one of my store bought beans from the side, showing the 9 bud sites.
    3. Same lady as number 2, showing either 9 or 11 main colas, can't count right now
    4. Shot of overall heighth of the plants, about 6-8 inches above the side of the pots, were even with pot tops at start of flowering.

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    Time to come in with an update here. Harvested the last round and yields after dried and cured for 2 weeks were:
    Blue Mistik: 2.12 ounces
    AK-48: 2.93 ounces.
    2 Bagseed plants: 3.43 ounces.
    Total it was 8.48 ounces out of 4 plants.

    The AK48 really harvested a nice amount after about 8 weeks of flowering. The Blue Mistik didn't go for as much weight but the smoke was better with a nice head high. The bagseed did fairly well in my opinion for how little attention they got (focused on the more expensive` seeds this time around).

    On to the new, got 6 plants going right now, L.S.D. by Barneys Farm. About a week or so into flowering. Overall they are looking pretty nice, solid branches/stems and the leaves are nice and green. Unfortunately they didn't want to grow in similar heights, so the canopy is uneven. Plan to help that with a higher watt system and side lighting from CFLs or possibly a smaller light system, perhaps 250 watt HPS. Looking to pick up a few more lights in the upcoming weeks to begin some perpetual goodness. Already got some new beans working, lots of good genetics coming into play in the upcoming days/weeks.

    Lastly, found a nug of Blue Misik while cleaning the house today. Nice and dense from being in a masor jar that was for some reason wayyyy back in my pantry. Smoked about a gram of it and wow am i insanely baked. can't wait to try these LSD plants out.

    pics in an hour or so when I can function enough to take pics/upload.
  4. *looks at the date* so that update....I just popped an LSD and wanted to see what I could be lookin forward to :rolleyes:
  5. Yeah... been working a lot lately (about 60-80 hours a week) and trying to get my next round ready to flower when the LSD is done with. Going to pick up some batteries for my camera in an hour or two and I'll snap a few shots. Only one plant is really looking solid, others are a little behind. Seems the distance from the light makes a huge difference. The biggest girl, named Janis, has been 8-14 inches from the light the entire grow and looks insane. Some of the others- much shorter overall- are less impressive. Working on using some CFLs as well as fluorescent tubes to get enough light to them. Might finish one or two of them under T-8s just to see what kind of difference it makes.

    Even with poor light distribution, buds are everywhere. Expecting at least 2 Ozs off of Janis alone, can't make a prediction on the others yet.
  6. Finally some pictures. Taken on 10/24, 58 days into 12/12 and 53 into flower. Almost there....

    1. Shot from the side, buds all over the freakin place
    2. One of the colas on Janis, the best looking girl. Really tight buds, best i've seen yet.
    3 and 4. Some LSD cut on 10/23, about a week or two before harvest. this bud was taken from about 3 feet away from the light.

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    Quick update so I don't lose track. New things since last update:

    -4 plants in flowering, started 12/12 on Nov. 10. Plants are 3xPlush Berry and 1xCheese Quake, seeds from TGA Subcool
    -a. Feeding every watering with 2 tsp/g Biothrive bBoom, 1 tsp/g Cal/Mg, 1 tsp/g Bio bud
    -b. Tallest cola is 8 inches from glass on light (1000 watt HPS), others 10-12inches away
    -c. Range in height from 27-32 inches. 3 have one main cola, one PB1 has 4 colas thanks to a late FIM in veg.
    -d. Note: need to raise temp in room by approx 4 degrees during lights on
    -3 plants vegging, 1 Connie Chung reg, 1 Industrial Plant fem, and 1 Sour Cream Fem (note: currently sick, planning to flush with distilled water tomorrow)
    -Went ahead and decided to try some hydroponics, currently have one NYPD Fem in a bucket, about to receiver first taste of nutrients
    -a. Currently at 160 PPM with 6.0 PH, approx. 34 inches from 600 watt MH

    Will upload some pictures of the 4 in flower later tonight or tomorrow.

    Old news:
    Harvest of Barney's farm LSD was a nice pull, managed just over 7 ounces out of 5 plants. Lost one plant near the end, cut around 7 weeks and made about 3 grams of hash. One of the best strains I have smoked so far. Even after smoking it for a month, a bowl to myself will knock me out. A trench in the MFLB and I can run errands/ work on the grow room and thoroughly enjoy it. Nice strain for day time and night time. Another note, harvesting at different times made a noticeable difference, the plants harvested at 8 weeks are much different to those harvested closer to 10/11 weeks. Excellent strain, plan to order another pack (maybe reg. this time for breeding purposes) next order and keep a mother plant.

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