First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod

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  1. Also you got anything new started, new journel?
  2. I dont see a cal or a mag problem. N or Sulfur yea.

    Did you veg on 24 or ?
  3. I have a few posts onnit, here an experienced member helping me. I thought sulphur for a while which is why I switched to Epsom salts but if you read the link he explains good about nutrients. Him and a few others have said its N and maybe mag with a little p even. It's why I covered all bases lol. And thought of its N then the foliage feed will help stop the cursed yellowing

    What do you see?? (Def)

    No vegged under 18/6. If they don't start stopping in a few days by next watering I'm gonna have to do a flush. Which I don't know how, 30lts pots under a scrog. I can't think what else to do!
    Everything going wrong atm, Woke up today to a clicking noise, seems during the night my oscillating fan has decided no more and it's stopped oscillating. Fml right now lol
  4. I just read your entire thread. Looks like you've got a good setup and things are going well for the most part. Hopefully you'll get the nutrient problem figured out and get another fan soon. I'm rooting for you. Good luck!
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  5. Thanks for the kind words dude.
    I couldn't leave it without proper circulation so I bodged my extra large fan in their. I got a new smaller one today ill fix in tommorow.

  6. Looks like I'm m gonna have to flush. The yellowing continues so I'll have to do it soonish before there's no green left.
    Question: if all leaves were to turn yellow, would that be it, no more bud development?

    I'm gonna start a post to get some detailed help but flushing with the way I have it setup will be a task!

    Sat will be the end of week 4;
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  7. Its always hard diagnosing someone else's grow (its hard enough our own at times). I mentioned the 24 hr light cycle as i watched a vid the other day about how that can promote small root system and it cannot then support the stretched canopy with nutes, so you get yellowing, die off and a dead plant before harvest. I hadn't heard that before and fount it interesting as i have been running 24/7. But that aint ya issue.

    I still say you have a N deficiency or maybe a root problem. It matches the time frame of when the problem started, soil would of been ruing out of N about the time when you entered into stretch. Epson Salts dont contain N, Its Calcium and Magnesium (and I dont see either problem as a defency in your leaves). Yes I understand that it can help the plant uptake N if its there to be taken up. "Flushing" leaches the soil of nutrients so I dont see how that can help a deficiency either, in fact it may make it worse especially if you do have a root problem. Its primarily used to help remove N from the soil so that the plant uses the N in the leaves to hasten a cure.

    Interesting over the last few days after you fed you thought the problem may have slowed down, then didnt feed and you think its worse.
    Can you water it with a nice Kelp type product like Seasol or whatever simaler product you may have available just in case its a lack of a trace element? Doing this when i have had problems has usually helped me in the past. They are usually high in Boron.

    I hope ya get it sorted and ill be staying tuned. Bring her home man!
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  8. Yes defiantly think it's N or root problem now too. I though for a root problem buildup of salts so not up taking N properly. It's the last thought I had.
    It's defiantly still spreading not only because I noticed higher leaves fading slightly, but I've been keeping an eye on a select few leaves. Which have either died or turned yellow almost completely.
    I watered yesterday just plain water because the last two were feed then double feed. Someone said (maybe you lol) that I don't want to go create another problem by over feeding. Untill a few weeks ago it was feed /water/water. You think I should nute every watering??
    I switched from cal-mag to Epsom just for the mag/sulpher, didn't want to overload cal trying to up the mag.

    I'll have a read up don't know what kelp type product is :/.
    In useing bio bizz soil! There in the light mix. I bought a bag of all mix for my next go I could top dress that? I've been using big bloom for my micro nutes, the last 3 watering was normal at 5ml then upd to 7.5 then the last feed was full recommended does at 15ml per 4 ltrs. I'm nearly out and need a new source anyway?

    I watered yesterday so I have a few days to decide weather a flush is needed or not.
    Do you think at the current rate it could make another 5 weeks? It is advertised 7-9 week flowering time, hoping for sooner for obvious reasons.
    So frustrating!! Thanks again for the help dude.
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  9. ahh of cause Epsom is cal/ sulfur. Good call there in flower.

    5 weeks isnt to bet you can get there. Plant is concentrating on the flowers not leaves.
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  10. Epsom is Magnesium/sulphur, calmag is cal/mag lol ;)

    Fuckit looks like flushing isn't the best idea..
    You think I should nute every watering or still have a plain water in between?
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    Up to you now mate..Your the one on the scene, its ur call.

    Ill work out what Epsom salts
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  12. Just to throw it out there..

    if you were going to leach the soil and root problems are a possibility then maybe use some H2O2 in the water. That would kill any infection in the roots and add O2 to the roots..

    Not saying to do..just throwing it out there.
  13. Once they yellow they wont turn back green i think you might be chasing your tail cause if you fixed the problem now that they are yellow thats all your gonna continue to see is yellow. Leaf and root growth kinda stops in flower as the reason why not as much nitrogen is needed. Since they are all yellowing i could just be they are using stored nitrogen so just feed a small amount of veg nutes that are high in nitorgen. Molasses will help with the good microbes being able to break down the nutes so your plants can uptake the nutes easier. Waitin on seeds tho new journals created gonna run 6 plants this time in 3 gals blue dream purple trainwreck and power plant. Might use my freebie seeds and run a full 6 plants each being different.
  14. Not entirely true. I have had a few grows where things started to yellow and re-greened. Once had bleaching problem where the leaves where almost white and they came back green. That said, I have never really turned back a Mg deficiency yellowing although have slowed it.
  15. Yeah I get they won't turn back but I want to stop more yellowing. It's hard to judge overall but I say it's still spreading. I take note of individual leaves and noticed some turned completely. I guess I'll just keep up the feeding at higher rates. I've still put a plain water day in between, in flower did you do the same or mute at every watering?

    I was thinking to try a nutes flush but it will be impossible to put the amount of water through that's needed. So think I'm just goona keep up the feed. I'll look in the hydro shop tommorow for molasses.
    I just want em to stay green another 4 ish weeks then they can all turn..
    I was hoping to have a smooth first run like yourself, but hope no luck for me lol.

    I don't brave so many different strains atm. Poped some new seeds and threw in 1 freebie. I've got 8 free seeds in my last two orders, 4 of em being fem.. I'll keep the random seeds for a Rainy day.
  16. Ok so what I think I'm going to do. No flush, won't be possible anyway. As I fed full nutes (15/10/10ml) as stated week 7. Im going to count that as week 3 flower. So week 8 will be week 4 etc. With a plain ph'd water in between they'll get full recommended dose once a week.


    On closer inspection I noticed slight nite burn, I'm guessing because the double and increased feed. So I think there taking up nutes properly, Is that a reasonable assumption?

    Anyhow I'm going to carry on. Go to the hydro shop see if I can get some things advised for the micro nutrients and soil upkeep. Pray for me lol
  17. Anyway enough of the doom and gloom there to beautiful for all the negativity. If they smell half as good at finish as they do now I'll be over the moon, really starting to kick these past few days.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  18. You will get there dont fret to much. The colas are starting to fill in nice.

    Yes it could be some nute burn. Remember the application rates of nutrients are for 1000 W lights.
    If your feeding salts and the plant doesnt need them then they sit in the soil..and then you feed it some more and the plant takes what it needs and then the salts compound...and then you get lock outs and nute burn and other problems.
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  19. Whats the stains again?
  20. THC Bomb
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