First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod

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  1. Pics from lights on. Day 8 of flower. There's stretching going on all over the place, but honestly I thought it would be more. I think I'm gonna stop tucking now. I need to abit of spacing because these some tips close together.
    Also Watering today all 4 plants had completely different runoff amounts it was weird. The bottom left plant basically started dripping through as soon as I started watering. The top right one was nothing, about ten minutes later I see a few drops coming through.
    Nutes today will be he last of the nitrogen from the grow big. Next week I'll switch over to tiger bloom, just need to work out the quantities.
    But yeah, all looking good! at least 8 weeks left, I'll have to have a look see what seedsman states as its flowering time.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  2. Day 14. Looking good today, not sure if leaves at the back are getting pale or if it's just my eyes in there. Found a few odd couloured ones so I'm abit paranoid atm lol.
    I watered yesterday, I added Calmag because as I said I found a few odd coulor leaves. Looked like either N or iron def but it's too earley I hope to see any signs of a N def. Sunday will be just water then next week I start with tiger bloom and cut out the grow big.

    It's really just that one leaf on the pic. I'm under hps and using camera flash so it makes it look worse than it really looks, as you can see between the two pics the surrounding leafs are different colours. I'm gonna put it down to shaded leaves, I'm monitoring closely so hope nothing starts to go wrong now!..

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  3. Lookin good. Shame the net didnt fill up some more but a lesson learnt I spose.
    GL for the home run!
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  4. It seems I've been under feeding and think that's why the discolouration started. It's got a little worse but hoping I've stopped it. I added the tiger bloom of the first time adding in the all the extra p and more n from the grow big. I'll add grow big again in the next feed along with increased tiger and big bloom. Also gonna stick to 1ml per ltr of cal mag and also some Epsom salt. Really worried for the top plans atm as its way to earley to go yellow. Hopefully all the pale green leaves are still pulling there weight!
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  5. From today
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  6. Stay on full strenth nutes i nuteem till i see burn
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  7. How fars the light
  8. 15 inches give or take. I gave em full Ff trio plus Epsom salts. I just foliar fed with epsome too. I fucking hope this works, I'm fucked if they carry on..
  9. won't it give you spots if you mist while the lights on?
    but damn, they look good man.
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    Dont go to heavy on the Epson and cal/mag. Your dont want to create another problem.
    Your in soil so this problem happened a week or two ago. It was probably low on N for the stretch. Stretch is over so it wont need to much N now (some of cause but not much) and that should be covered by your bloom nute.
    Be care full of your cal/mag additive to. 1mil per litre is normally for hydro grows and soil is 1/2 mill per litre.

    Because you folia fed with Epson you may end up with marks on your leafs. So just be aware of that. You may have also given the plant a large does of cal/mag so maybe back off on any extra for awhile.

    Id hold off on the cal mag now for awhile and feed the bloom nutes at 1/2 the recommended amounts and give it a week for the plant to settle down. Why I say 1/2 the recommended nutes is that the recommended nutes are for 1000 w lights. (be handy if they told us that on the bottles eh?)
    The plant is not going to keel over and die, it will be fine. But dont over react and cause other issues. Take your time (your in soil so u can) and let whatever you do have an effect or not before trying something else.
  11. It was literally 5 mins before lights out, I didn't want to wait for them to actually go off because I don't want to mess with the darkeness. Thanks dude.
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  12. Yeah I've been worried! It was the first time I've given em a full dose. And shit didn't know that about cal mag. Sunday/Monday was there first dose of bloom nutes. And as I see it getting worse that's why yesterday I doubled to full. 15/10/10ml ratios.
    Grow big - 6-4-4, tiger bloom 2-8-4. I've been doing water water nutes up until the past week. First was just cal mag. Then half nutes and cal mag and yesterday full nutes and Epsom salts. You think next should just be water again or stick to half nutes every feed? I was thinking keep grow some grow big until week 5. A experienced member on here told me he uses the most n up until week 5. :/ anyway I just want it to stop spreading.


    Also my ph pen started playing up so I've got myself a cheap kit with I'll isw from now on. I watered at this couloir

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    Im not familier with the nutes your using. I'd follow their instructions to the letter but at 1/2 strength.(cause mix rates are based on a 1000w light) The leaves probably wont get better as the damage has been done. Everything happens slowly in soil unlike hydro. In hydro you can go from a healthy plant to a dead one in 3 days...Soil aint like that. You may have already fixed the problem but wont know for a week. Thats why a lot over correct in soil..and then over correct again and bam- to much salt and lockout time.

    Also keep in mind that yellowing of the leaves in flowering is normal in a soil grow. (cause soil takes a little longer).
    As long as you dont get a lock out or do something drastic you will finish well. IMO you are much better off underfeeding than over feeding throughout a grow . So you have done well i recon so far. Looks like you will get a nice G per W ratio.
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  14. Thanks dude. I'm praying :D
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  15. Look on the bright side. Lots of growers like to flush at the end to get rid of salt build up and use the N in the may not need to!
  16. If they don't stop yellowing I won't make it to harvest. I'm only 3 & 1/2 weeks into flower.
    They might have slowed I'm not sure but they are defiantly getting worse, you can see a few have turned completely yellow. I'm not a plucking Them cause I'm thinking might as well bleed each leaf dry :/.
    Today was just water as last two had nutes. Think I will foliar feed again tonight with Epsom but also some grow big, try get the N absorbed straight throgh the leaf..
    Last Monday was half recommended, Friday was full, shuld they not have enough by now to curb the discolouration?
    I can't see it being a lockout as always ph'd and have been under feeding so how could salts build up! I do t know :/

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    These are the coulous I watered at today. I threw away the digital pen!

    Top 2
    Bottom 2
  17. Foliar feeding in flower based on the point your at isnt a great idea you could end up with chemicals in your buds
  18. Id suggest when you harvest after you have trimmed before you set em to dry running em through ro water with a lil 5% hydrogen peroxide to ensure they are clean of contamination and prevention of powdery mildew when you start the curing process
  19. Week 3 and tbh there all hair and frost no real bud. This make a difference?
    It was also reallllly diluted. 0.2 ml for a third of a ltr.
    I read up and see people do it further into flower than this..

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