First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod

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  1. Bend that reflector out evenly
  2. I can do that, good shout!
  3. Good morning!

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  4. I just read my beginning page and see the plan was 5/6 week veg :s.. I planted just over 8 weeks ago with another couple weeks left o think. Looks like gonna basically double that..
    I think the main reason for this is the scrog net, taking so much time to fill out the net. Next time round I'll ditch the net and go the supper cropping route. Infamoustree I know you got the 1000 watter by damn your plants are looking amazing.
    It just seems like at least a month faster.
  5. I'm thinking maybe it took extra long in veg because I pruned to much. I removed leaves to get light through a lot. I don't think I took to much but it's the only thing I can think slowed growth, unless this is normal for a scrog :/ .

    Anyway, 66 days from seed, day 1 flower

  6. Looks good man at the end of the day it's all a learning experience. I'm going to be putting a tent up soon very similar to yours.

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  7. Ima run 6 plants next in 3 gals on a 5 week veg and train up to 2 weeks in flower to use stretch to my advantage and keep canopy a lil more level
  8. Your lookin good just wait ull see you need the xl cool tube refector
  9. Well maybe not with the tube so open but in flower 8-12 inchs
  10. I wanna get another tent for veg and get times down. This way from seed to finish basically 6 months. Veg tent will half that so 3 months (but not so clear cut if I need time In The flower tent to scrog out). I think the Scrog way takes much longer.
    I'm thinking 6 too maybe, grow 6 plants smaller but with the same yeild :/..
    Whatever I do I'm gonna go your way next, no scrog just supercrop but with lst. I think it will be a lot less effort. We'll see, I wish I could run a 1000w so I could actually compare results to yours.

    I see you put the plant you took out somewhere else, have you got a seperate veg area now too?
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    Seed to harvest is normally about 4 months.

    Rooted clone to harvest is a month less.

    3 tent rotation is a harvest every month.

    I made up a home made tool for emptying the saucers under the pot. Needs to be tidied up. Pump cost approx $20 on ebay.
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  12. Thanks dude, the video me picture a little better. I defo want a 60 day rotation, no space for 3. I'm working on trying to get another tent and equipment so Im Ready to go once this once finished.
    And yes I let my water sit in the saucers since I put the net up. But I think I'm lucky with it, I have a fan blowing at the saucers and waters mostly gone a day later. Rh never above 50%. But I'm worried that will change as they grow larger.
    What other parts did you use, I see pump and the tube but what did you use for the handle end?
  13. Long piece of 1/2 inch tube just suck the water out
  14. just an broken fishing rod..could use dowl..conduit., piece of wire..anything really.

    sooner or later water sitting in the saucer will give you problems. Root rot for eg, high humidity in flower (bud rot, PM ) its also a breeding ground for bugs
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  15. lol thanks, I'm not very,, handy! so I need extra instruction lol :s
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  16. Feel like such a dimbass today. I thought I watered Monday but just realised it was Sunday. I opened the tent today they looked like they were dying, like a skeleton of itself.
    Just watered hopefully they'll plump up quick!

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  17. That's not to bad they coulda went another day+ without dying haha I'm sure they'll look great in an hour or two.

    Robs New Journal RQS SQ#1 Clones
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  18. They did, looking good again. Ment to be watering more not less lol. Slowed things down abit...
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  19. Subbed, I have a thc bomb growing outside! First time growing it as well, looking good

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