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  1. Hey Grasscity!!!

    I am finally going to be starting my first grow. Last November after being tired of paying the high prices for good bud, and for the financial benefit :) (we all know its a recession...) I decided to grow. After spending weeks on this site, reading threads for research, and getting into some debt lol I am now ready to grow. These are the strains that I am going to grow.

    Super Lemon Haze (Green House)
    Purple Wreck (Reversa Privada)
    Bubba Kush (Green House)
    White Widdow (Green House)

    I cant wait for my babies to Bloom!!!!
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    And this is the rest of the stuff that put me in the hole...

    Sun Hut Silver LG 3x3x7
    4 X Bubble Buckets with 8 inch Airstones all connected to General Hydroponics Dual Diaphragm Pump
    6'' Vortex Fan
    Can 50(Charcoal Filter)
    C02Boost Complete
    2 x Air King Clip-On Fan
    Dual Mechanical Timer
    Rockwool Cubes

    GH Micro, GH Bloom (Lucas Formula
    HANNA PHEP 4 PH Meter

    Yield Master 6" AC Reflector
    Quantum Ballast
    Eye Hortilux HPS Bulb-600 Watt
    HPS-MH Conversion Bulb- 600 Watt
  3. I am going to be using DWC, 4 buckets with airstones connected to a pump. I have RO water and am going to be using the Lucas Formula to feed the plants. I have my carbon filter outside the tent with the vortex fan on top of it with ducting connected to my reflector so the hot air can be sucked through and be cleaned through the filter. Inside the tent I have two small fans to blow the leaves, and also a c02 boost bucket pumping through a hose to each of the plants.
  4. I put everything up and stressed the box. With the Quantum Ballast I can use 50 75 and 100 percent energy. At 50 percent the tent is at 84 degrees, 75 percent 90 degrees and 100 percent is close to 100 degrees. So the problem I think that I am having is that my grow room gets real hot so threw the passive intake hot air is coming though. So I will start my grow at 50 percent and by the time I change it I will buy an air conditioner unit for the room.
  5. On Friday I began to Germinate the seeds using the paper towel method. Within 12 hours White Widdow had cracked and the root was 1/4 of an inch so I moved it into the soaking rockwool cube. It was followed 6 hours later by Super Lemon Haze, 6 hours after Purple Wreck, and about a day and a half later Bubba Kush was ready. They are now all in the rockwool cubes sitting under the light. :hello:
  6. And one more thing before I leave. Ive seen all the help that people have given to other growers on the site. That is the reason I love marijuana community. Help a brother out over here too. I will be posting daily so that someone else can learn from my grow. It takes a village to raise a child...Lol so CITY lets raise my babies :) and as you might can tell im on some good weed right now....
  7. Just joined the city yesterday to get some info on my upcoming grow. 5 minutes ago searched for 600 w setup w/ 4 plants... Opened your thread and I thought I was looking at my own plans. niiiiiiiiiice

    I'm about to move so I'm waiting to order supplies but last week I pretty much settled on 4 plants (5 + is felony in my state), 4 x 5 gal bucket DWC w/ reservoir, 600 watt hps/mh setup w/ air cooled reflector filtering through carbon filter.

    I'm ordering the beans from Green House Seeds. Funny because I was also planning on bubba kush and super lemon haze. The other two will be Hawaiin Snow or ICE and then another heavy Indica Dominant.

    I will definitely be following your grow I'm new to hydro so it would be awsome if you could write up your nute regimen as u go. I also have a couple questions.

    Q1 - What system are you using for Co2?

    Q2 - Are you going to do any training, topping, etc to increase yield?

    I was thinking about using the scrog method since only 4 plants. Either way I want my four plants to get big and produce like 9 would in the same conditions.
  8. Sounds great man , where are the pics =)

    How many Cubic feet was your 6" , and where were you exhausting the hot air to? ... the passive air is coming from inside your house?:D
  9. Sounds like a nice plan, just make sure your control the temps. Thats the problem i seem to be running into now. I wish I was going with a resevoir as well because then I could use the scrog method but because I have to check the Ph of each bucket daily a screen over the plants will be very annoying...
    ****I will be following this guy completely on the nute regimen. He is using the Lucas Method which I hear is the best way to go when going hydroponically. *****

    Q1 - What system are you using for Co2?
    *****I will be using the c02 bucket. It is a bucket that comes with a pump and pumps c02 for about 90 days which I think is a full harvest. Here is a link to the site where I bought it from. CO2 Boost - All-natural CO2 Generators for the purpose of CO2 enrichment and air fertilzation ******

    Q2 - Are you going to do any training, topping, etc to increase yield?
    ****Like I said earlier i wish i could go with the scrog but because I dont have a reservoir I will be going with the Low Stress Training method, with some topping. I dont fully understand the method completely but my friend and I are studying up to get it done.
  10. Thanks Hypeshot. The pics will be here soon! I didnt understand the question how many cubic feet is my 6' what? Sorry But yes the passive intake flaps are open and its coming from the grow room. That is why I am having a problem with temps. I will be buying an A/C unit soon so the air that is sucked into the tent is cool. I can tell once my lights turn on that the grow room gets really warm. The hot air is being exhausted into a carbon filter which is just sitting in the room.
  11. So your recirculating your heat back into the tent? You should exhaust it outside and flip that switch to 100%

    Once you get that AC unit go back to how you have it of course. Your setup sounds really nice , makes sense your hitting those temps if your recirculating hot air.

    I can tell this will be a clean run , good luck on the stress tests.
  12. The thing about that is that I fucked up and bought the Can 50 which is huge and cant stay in the tent...and if i exhaust it from the tent directly outside the smell of goodness would probably draw suspicion to my apt.
  13. Quick Question City! My seedling beeen sitting in the rockwool cube for about 2 days now. There is a single root coming out the other side of 3 of the cubes. Is it now ready to be put in the bucket at half strength nutes???? Thanks!
  14. I was able to drop the temp of the room to 75 simply by turning the A/C on in the house opening the vent in the room and closing all the other ones in the house. So I should be good to turn it up to 100 percent once they start drinking.
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    Just Some Pictures of some progress! Many more to come

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  16. I am about to put the rockwool cubes in the buckets and I see on the guide that im using, that we should test the nutes in a cup then pour it back into the reservoir. Would this really change the ph of the whole bucket to the desired point? Thanks for the help guys!
  17. Hey City!!!

    Just an update on the grow. I put the ladies in the buckets with half strength nutes. Bubba Kush, and Purple wreck were having a hard time getting out the seeds so I helped them out a little, and all seem to be growing there true leaves now, and their looking good! I hope to get more people following, especially the vets out there. the Im gonna need all the help I can get. :) Thanks guys

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  18. Good looking start up opp you got going there.
  19. Looks Like we have some problems. The bottom leaves of all the plants have discolored and also started to have brown spots on them. We have been feeding them at half nutes using the Lucas Formula. And we have kept the PH for all the reservoirs 5.6-5.8. The only other thing that I think went wrong was that I was keeping the 600 watt light about 2 inches from the plants. I raised it to about 18 inches and I hope this solves the problem. The White Widow seems to be growing the best. Is it showing sex already? I have a picture of it attached. Any help will be great. Thanks

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    Lookin' great man! They really blew up! :cool:

    looks like you've got yourself a little Magnesium def. pH is almost always the culprit, IMO. Generally, it's only temporary if you keep the pH correct. The damaged leaves won't heal, but the new growth shouldn't get any new spots... If you're sure the pH is in check, and things continue to go downhill, then get yourself a little "cal/mag plus" made by Botanicare.


    They aren't showing sex yet, but you're lookin' in the right place. When you see white pistils, or a cluster of balls, you'll know. :D

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