first grow, 5x5 veg and 10x10 flower, suggestions welcomed!

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  1. So my girlfriend and I have decided to tackle our first grow. We have talked about it for years but we finally decided to put our words into action.

    We decided that we want to veg in a 5x5 tent and flower in a 10x10.
    I know that sounds like a lot but we decided to take our time purchasing quality
    equipment and do this right and this is what we have so far:

    10x10 grow tent
    5x5 grow tent

    1 - Black Dog PhytoMax-2 400
    1 - Bloom Boss True Sun 5x5
    2 - Mars 144 Reflector 800w
    2 - Hydro Crunch 600w
    4 - Bloom Boss Power Panels

    2 - Cloudline T6 by AC Infinity
    1 - Cloudline T8 by AC infinity
    4 inch inline booster fan (came with 5x5 kit)
    3 - 6 inch desk clip fans
    1- 6 inch black charcoal filter
    1- 4 inch black charcoal filter

    Nutrients are Bloom City Organics

    Happy Frog Potting soil
    Pro Mix HP is enroute

    I have about 200 seeds from different seeds banks in the UK and CO

    So we plan to use the 5x5 to veg and as of right now it has the 4 inch fan exhausting and one T6 as an intake. We plan on using the other T6 and T8 fans in the 10x10...not sure which to use as exhaust vs intake. We haven't completely decided our light set up but the 2 hydro crunch lights came with a kit so we were going to veg with those and set all the other lights up in the 10x10. We were considering separating our grows by 4 weeks so we can get a monthly harvest.

    any improvements or suggestions? Keep the bs out of here please. We are aware we have a lot to learn and are looking forward to this community helping us with our first grow!
  2. yeah you can seperate your grows or get different strains that come off at different times. Sativa, comes off later, and indica's come off as early as 45 days from the flip.

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