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    Hello to all! :wave:

    This is my first grow. Ive been a member for almost a year now, and a reader for several. I've always been interested in growing and horticulture and have decided to take that next step towards being a great farmer. Over the last few years I have accumulated info through this grow section, and have almost every sticky in a saved in files to read, and re-read again. Now to the good stuff.

    I ordered the Greenhouse Seeds Colored Indica H Mix ten pack. I will be starting one of each of the following; Cheese, GreatWhiteShark, LemonSkunk, Trainwreck, White Rhino, and the free G13 Labs femmed white widow that came with my order. All have been germinated in the wet paper towel method inside of a plastic tupperware, and have been planted into solo cups, lightly watered and put under the light. The Rhino sprout has barely started to crack, so it's gonna be a half day behind, but no worries :)

    My Equipment
    1 400w MH/HPS
    Foxfarm Ocean Forrest Soil
    Foxfarm nutrients (big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom)(also recieved the open sesame, beastie bloomz, and cha-ching and I'd love more info on these)
    6, 5 gallon plastic pots
    3ft Oscilating tower fan (that supposedly blows out 60degree cold air and ran me 70 bux at target:mad:)

    Before I post pics I will let you readers know that I am gonna have issues with heat and ventilation. I live at home with my dad while I attend a local college and this has to be kept secret. My dad never comes in my room and i have changed my bedroom door handle out with my bathroom so i can lock my door behind me. I'm going to have to leave the closet door cracked while the light is on. I put that tower fan in the opening so it circulates air, and it does an ok job, and if i close the door, my temps sky to the 80s, even 90s. I will have to start the lights out at 18/6 just to save as much energy as possible as i dont want my dad to notice in the bill.

    As far as questions I have;

    Will 400watts be enough for six plants?
    Whats the highest my temps can exceed without damaging the goods?
    When can I officially start using my nutes without fear that I will burn my babies early?

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  2. yea heat issues, and smell issues I can see in your future. no more than like 85 degrees if your not running co2. 400 watt hps should have no problem with 4 plants, it could do 1 plant up to like 20 plants, it's just about the size of the plant or plants when switched to flower. fresh water that has been left to sit out in gallon jugs for a few days to remove the chlorine from tap water, and ph balanced to about 6 should be good for the first two weeks of growth.
  3. Your issues can be solved with a simple ventalation system. Id look into DIY cool tubing on these forums to learn more about it (if you dont already). With how much room you have in there you could easily put a cool tube system in. You could easily rig an intake/outake system through your door especially if your dad never comes into your room. You can use this same system to conceal all ur smells. Id say with like 75$ spent on some vent tubing and a a few 4'' or 6'' inline duct fans you could have a very solid grow system there. That room looks really nice to grow in and look forward to checkin out ur progress. Check out my 4 ladies in my signature. 7 weeks on cfl veg and ready to flower:hello:
  4. i agree with badger, make a cooltube so temps wont be an issue. then you can use a simple intake/exhaust system to supply fresh air. remember do not use nutes until at least 3 weeks old when using fox farms ocean forest (it already has a ton of organic nutes -bat guano,seaweed extract,etc).
  5. thank you for your quick replies. i plan on purchasing a new door so i can sort of chop away at. right now im not having many heat issues, but its only the 2nd day. i have a window directly 2 ft from my closet door to the right that i might also use as a source of fresh air. ive also read that foxfarm expects you to use tap water with those nutes?

  6. I'm not very experienced and this has been a point of confusion for me. Wouldn't using only ph-tested water for the first 3 weeks effectively flush the soil of many of those nutrients?
  7. no, as long as your not overwatering them. give them enough water to moisten all of the medium, then wait to it is completely dry (it is a good idea to get a soil moisture meter), then you can water again. flushing is when you flush w/ 3x the amount of water as the container can hold (ie: to flush a 3 gallon soil container, you need 9 gallons of water)
  8. ive been watering my solo cups lightly before they sprout, should i stop watering til they appear?
  9. id say so, better safe than sorry.
  10. I have some update news, but its bad news. For some reason a few of my babies didnt sprout after putting them into solo cups, some did, and have now turned yellowish and act as if they are about to die. I have no clue why though, I did them all the same and to suprise the one free white widow seed i got, is the strongest of them all so far. I used paper tower, put them about half inch deep into the dirt and put them under the light. 2 sprout and 4 didnt. After a fews days i decide to dig down and see what the deal was. the cheese, tw and wr looked horrific and basically died underneath the soil ? i dont get why my plants arent sprouting properly and the ones that did, are now shriveling. i went ahead and used my remaining cheese and white rhino seed and threw them in the paper towel. I could use some advice before i plant these so i just dont kill them off like the rest. i have trainwreck number 2 planted and have tried covering it with a plastic baggy to keep humidity as high as possible. One of the problems that im guessing is after i put the seed under my light, the dirt gets dry looking so fast. i watered a few of them just because of how dry they looked, could this be the reason they are almost wilting underneath the dirt? here are a few pics to try and help show what i mean. sorry im drowzy off a 2mg klonopin and this post is hard to read im sure.

    EDIT - It just said I couldnt post pics because a security token was missing?
  11. why wont it let me upload pics? says a security token was missing? i need to post pics cause my babies are endangered!
  12. cause ur high as fuck
  13. WOWOWOWoW!!
    Im so sorry blades for the lack of updates, its been a rough last 45 days. I had problems at the house, had a split up with the ole lady, and then like 3 days later my dad found my babies.....BUT......I sat him down and explained that these are my medicine and i dont have insurance. he let me keep them, and helped me moved them elsewhere outta my closet, and even helped me make a light holder and has been a big help to my new room they are in!!!! i cant believe it, my mom passed away when i was 15 and my dad and me always butt heads and here we are in 09 and hes cool with me growing, cant believe it! too bad i cant get him to puff :smoke:

    Here is an update with the babies, i only have one cheese, WW, and white rhino left! the good news is i think they are doing good and were started into flowering on 4/19! i never got a chance to lst them, and im not for sure if i should be doing some pruning as in maybe choppin the lower fan leaves off and stuff, id love some suggestions there. i never femmed or topped any of these either. i was pretty much scared to wack on them at all.

    First Pic - white widow
    Second Pic - the cheese, should i get string and tie down some fanleaves?
    Third Pic - cheese again, its bushy and not recieving light in certain areas, suggestions?
    Fourth Pic - WW again
    Fifth Pic- the white rhino, it has a lil nute burn but you cant really tell cause of the light, i need to go monday and get my tiger bloom cause its the only one out of the six foxfarm nutes i dont have on the chart.
    Sixth Pic-group pic, cheese, rhino in the back, front right is the widow
  14. i guess ill post pics later, i cant get mine to upload on here. is there an easier way to post these pics!
  15. [​IMG]



    These pics go according to my post before the last. :)
  16. looking great, you must have a giant cock, im jealous of your babies and im an asshole who charges you an extra 10 bucks on sacks.
  17. [​IMG]

    Ok long overdue update. Ive been super busy and havent been able post in awhile. i started flowering on 4/20 :) I have some sort of problem with the leaves getting funny colors. ive been very cautious with the fox farm nutes and dont think the dis-color is from overferting. i could REALLy use some advice on what im doing wrong. id appreciate any help i can get, i NEED my babies :eek:

    Pic 1 - white widow
    Pic 2 - cheese
    Pic 3/4 - white rhino (need advice on leaves)
  18. no love blades? :(

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