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  1. Hey everybody! My first post! I've been reading this and other forums for about 6 months now and have started my first grow.

    I started with bag seed from some good Mexican, but I had it under a weak cfl for the first couple of weeks in a solo cup...

    It wasn't doing too well. I bought a 400 watt hps and mh set, along with Dynagrow 7-9-5 and transplanted it on December 2 nd.

    So I've had her in a 5 gallon bucket under my mh light for about 3 weeks now, for a total of about 8 weeks veg (I was an idiot) and now we have preflowers so last night I changed the light cycle and put the hps in there.

    If you guys have any advice, that would be much appreciated!

    (Sorry about the bad pics)

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  2. I forgot to add..I was just wondering if this plant looks healthy or not, and maybe what it might be? Indica/Sativa?
  3. Looks to be of the indica variety. No offense but looks pretty small for the amount of time vegging. When to flip to 12/12 is a matter of preference, but I would have waited for a little more growth before switching (greater yield). She looks relatively healthy. But she is clawing a bit (leaves curling). There are many potential causes for this but I've found that it usually means the leaf is transpiring too much (ie loosing water too fast). Your light could be too close (though I didn't see burnt tips), your humidity could be too low (try for 50-60%), or you could be having PH problems. How far is your light from your canopy? What is your ventilation set up like? What is your relative humidity? Also, what nutes if any have you given her? Do you have a PH meter?
  4. Also, the clawing could be over watering. How much water do you give her at a time and how often?
  5. Thanks for the reply. And none taken, the growth was stunted while under that cfl and rootbound in the solo cup..

    I use Dynagrow 7-9-5, 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. I usually water about every 2 days or when the soil on top is crusty- about a quart. The clawing just started this morning. The light is about 8 or so inches from the plant.
  6. I'd back the light off to 10" or 12" if the clawing doesn't go away. Also, make sure you're letting them dry out a bit. Try three days before next watering and see how the pot feels (heavy versus light). I'm not saying you're over watering, I'm more suggesting to play around with variables like that to help you dial in your grow. You'll develop a feel for the plant eventually and won't even keep track of how many days it has been since last watering. You'll just know.
  7. I backed the light up yesterday and I woke up to a weeping plant..I don't know what to do? My friends say to put it back under the metal halide, the hps light looks to have killed my plant..
  8. Stop watering and/or feeding her anything until you figure it out. Start going through her life necessities (light, air, water, PH, TDS, ventilation, temperature). And make sure each is either ruled out as a cause (working fine), and correct any of the others. It will take up to a week for you to see whether your changes worked, but some will happen sooner.
    In terms of light, check this link out for charts on how far to keep your HPS light.
    Since the number one problem for first time growers is overwatering, you should probably stop watering and give her a few days. However, wilting can also be a cause of under-watering and if your temps are too high and your humidity too low, your girl might be drinking the water up too quick. Use your finger to feel two inches under the soil. If its bone dry, give a drink and see how she responds. If its wet or too close to call, wait a day or two. You'll have to make the call.

    You need to figure out your PH level, and most people do this by testing run off water. You'll have to google search how to do that.

    What do your temps and RH look like?
  9. Also please post updated pictures. Looking back at the last pic, she looks pretty yellow. Could just be the light, but that's good diagnostic information to have.
  10. Thanks for the help I appreciate it a lot! Pic update, the vote was to put it back under the metal halide..

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  11. Pic update. Merry Christmas! (To those who celebrate) Ham and some good sensi in my near future :)

    Little ganj is doing a little better..I watered her yesterday morning because it seemed dry. The metal halide seems to be doing better for it, but it needs to go under the hps, I'm afraid now to do it though.

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  12. Glad she is looking a little better. What are your temps looking like? The only way the HPS can hurt your plant is if its too close to your plant.
  13. The temps stay relatively cool in the room, i have a heater running most of the time with a fan blowing partially on her, set for 70
  14. Pic update..she's not looking too well. She is growing though, I don't know what to do, tried everything you said except for ph testing, I can't do that.

    Little one right next to it, started about 2 weeks ago, 12/12 from seed. Hopefully she turns out smokable.

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  15. I think I figured it out to be a nitrogen toxicity..flushing right now

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