First Grow 400 Watt Tent *full Journal* Any Help Welcome:)

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  1. Hello finally have time to start my first grow.  I purchased a 2x2x4 tent so nothing crazy big was looking at getting four plants going in this space.[​IMG]
    Im going to rona to buy some pro mix bx soil  I heard this was a good soil to start seedlings in and can continue with no nutes.
    Im in the process of germinating some bagseeds right now.  One of them has sprouted yesterday but the others as of today are still not doing anything.
    I got these air pots[​IMG] I plan to keep them from seedlings until finished in these pots.  Is this ok?
    Also looking for a timer.  My fan and light are plugged into a single powerbar [​IMG] Is this fine and when it comes to light cycles i was thinking 18/6 until desired height is reached.  Should exhaust fan continue running throughout night cycles or can this all be hooked up to a single timer?  
    Any help is greatly appreciated and I will be updating this throughout the grow because the more help and critisim I get the more i can avoid mistakes and learn as this goes on.  Im very excited and cant wait to see where this goes.  Thanks guys

  2. what kind of fans do u have for your girls?
  3. start in much small cups.. to large a pot to soon = overwater.. I use a 3 in to start off in.. I use 24 on to veg.. saves some time and the plants really don't need a dark period at that stage
  4. ok I only got one seed to sprout so I just popped it in a cup with this soil and added a fan I found in my house. its blowing right on the light and hits the top of the cup nicely for now.[​IMG]
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    I hope the soil is ok.. Also the fan is placed by a slot for air.  I popped a vent in it to keep it open and the exhaust is blowing out pretty cool air so i dont think heat is an issue.  Im buying a digi thermometer and a timer tomorrow, I didn't get any time today.
    ** the cup has holes cut in the bottom all over cant really see them in the picture 
  6. I just collected some tap water in a spray bottle and layered the cup with soil and a little mist to get the moisture throughout the soil.  poked my finger in the top soil to make a little hole then placed the seed in covered and misted the top.  Would that be alright watering brass?
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    soil seems to dry up quickly i added more water this morning, I don't want to over water but I touched the top and it was crispy dry.
    The light is about 6 inches from the top of the soil is this to close?

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