First grow: 4 autoflowers

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  1. Hey guys! I started my first grow around 3 weeks ago! Im going to (hopefully) be posting pictures of the ladies every week from now on. Advise and feedback is very much appreciated. Im running
    •2 white widow autos
    •1 amnesia haze auto
    •1 sour diesel auto

    •300 Watt Mars hydro led light (ordered another light which is on the way)
    •fox farm happy frog soil
    •fox farm nutrient trio
    •1 fan for ventilation

    Any more suggestions?
    The sour disel seems to be growing a little slow and the tips of two of its leaves started to show some abnormality which im guessing is nute burn.
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  2. There's no picture of your plant? Light, ventilation ect...

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  3. Don't use ur nutes yet if there in there 1st couple weeks!

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  4. Happy Frog has penty to get it through the first month or so. I recently vegged 6 weeks from seed with no nutes at all in FFHF and had zero deficiencies, and pretty much zero problems.
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  5. Nice! i just fed them them quarter strength 3 days ago. Seems to be okay. Maybe ill feed them every 2 waterings.. Thanks for the reply! I will post pictures of this asap!
  6. They are on day 24. Thanks though!
  7. The light has about 18000 lux. Not much ventilation other than one medium sized fan. Will post the pictures asap
  8. Sounds like you've got a good grip.

    Have any circulation fans? They help a ton in building strong stems and roots and preventing mold.

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  9. Hi thanks for the advice! i will try and fit a fan somehow. i currently have a non-circulating fan. would this not be enough?
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  10. Week 1: Pictures

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  11. Week 2: pictures
    1: white widow
    2: Amnesia haze
    3: sour diesel (The picture shows what i think is nute burn, or is it?)
    4: white widow
    In order

    *all autoflowers

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  12. Week 3: Pictures

    1. White Widow (bit o LST going on there )
    2. Amnesia Haze
    3. Sour diesel (about two inches smaller than the first two)
    4. White widow (about two inches smaller than the first two)

    So the last two plants seem to be growing slower than the other two. Wonder why that is.

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  13. Week 3: All four

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  14. By non-circulating fan, do you mean exhaust? If that's all you've got, putting a circulation fan in there will help a lot. It'll disperse heat and increase airflow between the plants. Strengthen stems. Etc..

    Nothing but good things from adding a fan.

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  15. I'll definitely look at installing one then! I uploaded a few pictures of the plants. How do you think the are doing?

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