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First Grow - 300w LED

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by adrimity, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Hello all,
    This is my first grow!  I started it on January 20th, however people have requested me to start a journal for it because of the eBay LED light I am using, as they want to see how it performs.
    As already stated, I started the grow on January 20th. Below is the break down up until now(Jan 31st):
    Jan 20th: Started germination process
    Jan 22nd: Germination complete, planted seed in soil and placed under light for warmth.
    Jan 25th: Seed sprouted! :)
    Jan 31st: See my next reply for pic of plant.
    My setup:
    Feminized AK48 Strain from Nirvana
    Grow Tent:
    Carbon Filter:
    Grow Light(300W, 180ish actual watts):
    Currently running the light on 12/12 (flowering stage)
    Average temp when the light is on is around 75 degrees F.
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and Fox Farms nutes


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  2. Here is what she looks like today(6 days after sprouting).  Many people warned me of buying an LED light on eBay, however I am not regretting it so far. *knocks on wood*

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  3. Looking good! Make sure you don't burn them with those LED's! I'm not totally sure on how far, i've never used a led setup!
    Also looking close for a transplant bud!
    Also, you should of used flat white paint. The chrome paint might cause 'hot spots' and burn your plant. Thats why we don't use aluminum foil! ;)
  4. [quote name="ExtremelyStiff" post="19442394" timestamp="1391194388"]Looking good! Make sure you don't burn them with those LED's! I'm not totally sure on how far, i've never used a led setup!Also looking close for a transplant bud!Also, you should of used flat white paint. The chrome paint might cause 'hot spots' and burn your plant. Thats why we don't use aluminum foil! ;)[/quote]I've heard you can even let the plant touch the led and it won't burn. However, I'm not taking the risk and doing that. I think 6 inches is plenty enough. I was unaware of the hot spot problem. If it becomes a huge problem I'll just buy another set of boxes and white spray paint at Home Depot for $7. I'm waiting for the second set of leaves to grow a bit bigger before transplanting it to a bigger pot. Maybe in like 3-4 days?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Mylar sheeting is by far cheaper on Amazon, shits perfect for growing.Sent from my ADR6350 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. Sounds good man, just remember if you see anything strange going on with the leaves like burning or wholes of some sort. Get it out of that box!
    Than a can of 2$ spray paint? You must show me your ways.
  7. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391281352.248555.jpg Took her out to water today. She's already grown a lot since I posted the pic of her yesterday. If you'll see in the pic, the leaves are about to touch the rim of the cup. Should I transfer her out now or give it a bit longer?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. Transfer to a bigger pot! Preferably the last transfer. Your biggest pot! So she doesn't get have to stop growing the tap root just yet!
  9. Hey, I'm curious to see how your light preforms. I use very similar lights from a diff distributor on eBay.
    I keep my LEDs about 16-20 inches off the top of the plant... though when I first got them I had the light like 10 inches off and the nodes were so tight I couldn't get the pipe-cleaners in to train, with out covering up a node!
    I'm gonna keep on following ya man!
    good luck
    I ended up transferring it to a medium sized pot because it will be easier for me to pull out of the boxes to water than it would've been if I transferred it to a large pot.  However, after I planted it in the medium sized pot, I began to wonder how I am going to get it out of there to transfer it to a larger pot later on.  I guess I have time to figure that out lol
    Do you have a link to the seller on ebay?  I am curious to see who you bought them from.  Since I transferred the plant to a bigger pot I have moved the light up a bit further... I want to say about 8 inches, possibly 10.  So far she seems to be doing fine with the light being so close, however once she gets bigger I may have to move the light farther away in order to get maximum light to all of the leaves.
  11. Here she is!  Just transferred her out of a red solo cup into a medium sized pot.  Hopefully this pot will last a couple of weeks so I don't have to transfer it yet again to a larger pot ;)

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  12. here's a link to their ebay page  LINK
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  13. Really curious how you turn out finishing putting it together right now I'm goin to run 2 400 watt LEDs of eBay from my knowledge its about the volts per diode is a huge factor in the lights just want too see how the eBay light works before I order
  14. So far I've had great results with the single light I'm using. It's already grown a lot since my last post with pictures. I'll post another pic in 3 days when I take her out to water.
  15. I want to see more, subbed. I started my grow 3 days before you did. I began the germination on the 17th, they germinated the same day, so I planted them on the 17th, and on the 19th they sprouted, not all of them though. and they were tiny. On the 20th-21st they all sprouted. Got a recent pic?
  16. I have been running 2 cheap  300w ebay chinese fixtures  actually about 180 watts  for 2 months+ 170w of CFLs 24/7...  40 x 40 x 72 room   They did great for veg . I added a 150w HPS I had laying around when i flipped them to flower.  2 weeks ago . I am anxious to see how they do by themselves....I am subbed ...  I would keep them at least a foot away so they don't grow so tight.
     Purple bud and Pineapple Chunk

  17. Do you have a grow journal for yours?  I am about to post a picture is a separate reply, give me a few minutes.
    Is that setup for a single plant or multiple?  If its for a single plant that is a lot!  I am about to add another reply to this topic with an updated picture.  Let me know if you think I should still move the light up or not.  It is currently at around 10 inches.
  18. Here are the latest pictures of her.  She is looking very healthy and growing quite fast!  Temperature inside the boxes is still at a constant 81 degrees F with the lights on, and 68 with them off.  Still on the 18/6 cycle.  Only thing I am noticing is that one of the two first leaves the plant grew is still a bit curled up(see last picture).  Anyone have a theory as to why?  All of the other leaves are nice and green :)

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  19. I would  pull it back, it wont hurt. Start at 18" and drop it down a little at a time I try to keep mine about 12-18 in.  
    Have you fed them yet ? To much water or nutes common first time mistakes. 
    I have 5 girls  2 PB and 2 PC Also 1 Obsession . I need to get it down to 4.
    I have heard the cheap leds do ok if you  add some other light source and more light is good.
    Im learning alot,  first grow indoors for me

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