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    Heyy this is my first grow...this plant ended up dieing but im just now getn this pic up...i have a couple more when it was still just a lil young'n but i have to make it smaller...but yea look at this picture...why does my plant have THREE leaves on every lil node instead of producing in TWOS...ya know what im trying to say??? if anybody knows what there talkin abt please let me know thannnnks :)

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  2. Yea that was interesting to see on two of my current plants. One was male the other is flowering. It's a tripod. Supposedly you get more yield because of the extra but sites, but I can't say conclusively if that's the case yet.
  3. Thats a semi-rare phenotype. I've only seen it one other time.
  4. If you take clones from her, they'll have three leaves too! If it does increase the yield, keep sweetheart there alive. She could be a very cool mother.

  5. yea we tried to keep her alive but she died off :( she grew bushy as fuckkkk! ill post another picture of her here in a little bit of her jst a tad bigger!
  6. yea the guy that was helping me with my grow...he has grown quite a few other times and had never seen it before either...

    it started off even with the 3 rounded baby leaves...then the first jagges leaves...3 blew our minnnnnds! haha
  7. you should try to use bigger pots for that large of a plant. perhaps a 5 to 7 gallon container would be sufficient. in my 5 gallon smart pots, the roots are already busting out of the bottom, and my plant was no taller than yours. Perhaps this is why it died.

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