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  1. Hi,

    As above this is my first grow. Using a 60cm x 60cm x 140cm tent in my room.

    Using 3 feminised seeds, Crtitcal, Bubblegum XL and ICE. There heights estimated to be between 70cm-1m.

    Currently using 125w cfl (blue spec) which is 1" - 3" away from the plants with reflector.

    Also put a 6" clip-on fan for air movement and to blow gently onto plants to strengthen stems.

    I also have a 4" extractor and carbon filter.

    The light is on 18/6 timer, the fan and extractor are on another timer so they are active around 70%-80% of the time during the 18 hours that the lights are on.

    I also have a 400w HPS with dimmable ballast (250w/250w+boost/400w/400w+boost) which I will put in for flowering using 250w, maybe with boost if temps stable, then maybe use 10" fan outside tent to lower temps and switch to 400 for last hours of "plants day" on 12/12 cycle as I will be home for last few hours .... See if it works at the time.

    Anyway, below are some pics, would just like to see if anyone has any advise/tips etc.


    My tent


    Day 1 ImageUploadedByTapatalk1415388225.784876.jpg



    Day7 (yesterday)


    There is a 3rd, but it only broke ground 2 days ago, just letting it be, similar growth but few days behind.

    Just wondering how much to water them? I am using tap water, letting it sit for 48hours, then putting into spray bottle, I'm taking cap off and pouring on about 40ml-50ml then topping up with spray or two each day, does that sound about right?

    I water just before lights come on, quick spray 6 hours later, then again in when there is 2 hours left of light.


    I am planning to SOG/SCROG (can't remember which is which) with 5cm gapped grid, shall I use string or not? Saw that some strings/wires cause problems when harvesting?

    I am thinking of FIM over topping? Advice?

    Also wondering about cloning? I understand the process, but am I taking on to much? I was thinking I could MAYBE veg them for 3-4 days and throw with "mother" as she finishes veg period.
    Would the clones produce BUD any faster if they were smaller? I know that some people prefer to have lots of little plants growing around 5g-10g's rather than 1-2 large plants. My question is would I be able to harvest the clones before the original plants if they went on 12/12 at the same time? (I only have 1 tent or would veg them properly)

    And the obvious question ... Any estimates on yield? I know it all depends on temps humidity bulb quality etc etc but would love someone go tell me if I can expect 1oz or 4oz

    Thanks guys, look forward to any replies or comments.
  2. What kind of soil are you using I see no drainage?

    When watering usually every 3 to 5 days depending on your temp, location stick your finger in the soil if it's still wet then obviously skip watering. Biggest problem when starting is overwatering or over fertilizing.

    I top usually it guarantees the Y shaped branch 2 new ones. Fimming is also called then"oh fuck I missed" since you cut around 80% of it and your suppose to get more branches this way.

    If you flower a clone 3 to 4 days into veg your gonna get a small yielding plant doesn't make it bud faster. You just start the flowering cycle sooner.

    Looks like you answered yourself nobody can give you an exact yield on your plants. Rule of thumb 1gram per watt :p but depends on your growing techniques. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415391244.077271.jpg
  3. Run the extractor fan 24/7
  4. I'm just using seedling soil from DIY shop, and the pots I am using have lots of holes at the bottom and I put few stones in there, going to get some proper soil and perlite when transfer to larger pots.

    I will go with topping, thanks. When would you advise to top?

    I will run the extract 24/7, I though I should but read somewhere to have on for most of light period, but constant will help to stabilise temps and humidity.

    I have 2 passive vents at the bottom of the tent, should I open both or just one?
  5. i use to wonder the same but i keep 1 open and bedroom window open and i can my temps steady at 25 might jump to 27 but no biggy all looks well tho man keep me posted have a look at my auto
  6. what's your light schedule right now?
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  9. I now have the extractor running 24/7, what should I do about the clip-on fan, it's 6", should I run 24/7, or just run when the light is on? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, quick update below, roughly 2 weeks of growth (for 2 larger ones, a week maybe for the small one)



    Can someone let me know if the below is normal? I feel like it's shedding "baby skin" on stem, but hope it doesn't mean something has gone massively wrong?!


    No complaints otherwise, happy with their growth so far. Should I raise the light to get them to grow little taller or try and keep as bushy as possible? I am going to SCROG but don't want to have most of plant hidden under canopy!

  11. Also, should I start some low level bites for bigger plants of leave for a bit?
    Low level nutes**
  12. Just quick update:

    Plants have been transported to larger pots

    Here's the beasts, it's been roughly a month since they broke ground (3weeks for small one)


    There are about 15cm - 20cm from the soil.

    I ordered a 400w dimmable ballast, but it didn't work so have had to send back to be replaced. If it had worked I would have replaced the current 125w blue clf and used 250w/400w dual hps. Should be getting replaced this weekend, hopefully they will start growing a bit faster once new light is in :)

    I'm giving them nutrients every 3 days although the smaller one just water as reacted slightly by tiny bit of burn so will wait a while being giving again. (FYI nutrients are bio-bizz bloom)

    These pics are 3 days old so will upload some more tomorrow when I'm at home

    And now individual pics...

    CRITICAL (top left)

    ICE (top right)

    Bubblegum XL

    Happy Growing!
  13. Nice looking plants, I feed what they can handle myself and yours look like they handling it beautifully
  14. ps. Stem is grand just adding girth to itself
  15. Only using a tiny drop, maybe less than 1ml per litre, I have two watering bottles so one is just water and the other with nutes, it always turns slightly brown.

    I got the trio box, the one I have starting using is for veg. The bigger two seem to be ok, the smaller didn't like it so much, sticking with water for another week or so, see how she does then.
  16. I was wondering about my stems, they are quite red, does this mean anything? They all seem a little red, but most obvious on the ICE plant (RoyalQueenSeeds if that helps)


    Seems strong enough etc but though it was worth mentioning... Don't want to make critical error.

    I'll take some more pics tomorrow

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