First grow 250w HPS/MH, GHS Big Bang. Hydro and soil!

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    Sup GC, wanted to start a journal here for my first grow. :hello:

    Pre-soaked 2 Big Bang seeds for 3~4 hours on the 31st and popped them into the soil.

    Suckers finally popped out today, was getting nervous. :D

    Both party cups (seedling on the right is hard to see in this pic):



    Light and party cup (1 foot distance):

    Full tent setup (Secret Jardin dr60):

    Fan/filter (4"):
    Currently waaaaay too loud, cannot use (apartment). Using a 6" table fan to ventilate my tent atm. Need to build a duct muffler and to correct the duct lengths.

    I'm planning on growing one in soil and one in a hempy bucket. I thought it'd be interesting to see a side by side of the two methods.
    I ordered nutes, pH kit, temp/hydrometer, and perlite online and am waiting. Couldn't wait on the perlite so I decided to just germ in soil. :p From what I've read, a soil to hydro transplant is very possible.

    Wish me luck! :wave:
  2. I will be following this one as I will be starting first grow at the end of the month with the same setup.
    Good luck :)
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    Sorry for no updates! Didn't know people were looking, I promise to be more active! :p

    WEEK 1 album: Week One - Big Bang - Imgur

    Currently 9 days old. Will upload more pics in 1-2 days.
    Finally got my nutes and gear, but hydroshop forgot my damn smart pot and ignoring all my e-mails. :(
    As a result, I'm considering going dual hempy. Also working on a scrog screen.

    edit: Removed fan from tent. It's located outside my tent now.
    edit2: temps are under control now, for those who looked at the album. fyi
  4. Both successfully transplanted into 100% perlite party cups.

    Smart pots ain't coming! Gotta drop by home depot/hardware and grab another bucket. Poop :(

    Pictures coming tonight.
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    Hitting them both with 1/2 strength nutes. I water around 3 times every 2 days, the roots definitely haven't hit the res yet. Growth is pretty slow relative to before. (transplanting likely affected growth too)
    The tacoing on the second plant has gotten better, temps might still be a little high. Its growth has surpassed plant #1 but doesn't look as healthy.
    Plant #1 may have a mg deficiency, not sure yet. The tips are slightly browning, gonna wait it out.

    Thoughts? Have I overlooked anything huge?

    edit: next time I won't use flash, plants are much greener than the picture show

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