First Grow 250w hps Master Kush *NEED HELP*

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WeedStb, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Strain - Master Kush sensi seeds
    # of Plants - 2
    Grow Type - Soil
    Grow Stage - Vegetative
    Bucket Size - 3 Gallon
    Lights - (1) 250 Watt HPS
    Nutrients - GHE
    Medium - 20% “sphagnum peat moss”, 35% “garden peat”, 10% high quality húmus , 30% perlite e 5% Pre-Mix
    PPM - dont know
    PH - 6.5
    RH - dont know
    Room Temperature -82 to 87
    Solution Temperature - dont know
    Room Square Footage -
    Pests - None Known

    Problem: My leaves are weird. Curling down a little. And some of them are yellow.

  2. Soil looks really dry

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  3. Looks dry because of camera flash. I have other plant that had the same amount of water and looks fine
  4. [​IMG]

    the 2 of them, the one on the back should be like the right one
  5. It could be a number of things either nitrogen toxicity, root problems, or heat stress we need to know more information on what you did before girl did you water it did you use nutrients what is the distance from the light

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  6. Sorry smartphones, growweedeasy dot com

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  7. First off it's way too hot in your bedroom temperatures need to be stable between 70 77 preferably 74, in the growth stage it doesn't like too much heat.

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  8. i was watering with 6,5 PH water each 2 days, one of them with GHE tri pack nutrients. I was watering each plant with approximately 1,5 liters (or 0,4 gallons) of water. Distance from light was 20 cm (7.87 inches) more or less.
  9. Chances are too much nutrients at a young stage.
    try just pH water from here on out and see if it bounces back in a week if it doesn't bounce back in two weeks then that's the best you will ever get.

    You may want to call it a loss cuz it will taste weird if stays droppy and brown spots with small hurt yield. It happened to me my very first time now I only go Organics full Organics.

    Fox Farm has four Organics anything that has Happy Frog in it is organic. I use only good soil Roots organic 707 blend and fox farm dry fertilizer Happy Frog fruit and flower that's it

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