First Grow: 2 weeks in, a few problems :o

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by smoke24me, Jan 25, 2009.

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    I have 4 siskaberry plants going under a 180w LED light source, the medium is a direct copy of the stealth hydroponics bubbleponics system ( using four 6" pots instead of six 3.5" pots: home made for under $50.00 :D ). Everything seems to be going well but I do have a few questions for the guru's of this forum.

    First off, the stems on the newer leaf growth seem to be getting a slight blueish purple tinge to them, is this normal for the strain or does it indicate a problem? I know red stems = lack of mg but I couldn't find any info on blue/purple.

    Additionally: the plants are currently about 8cm tall and 23cm wide as shown in the picture below taken on their 14th day from germination. Is this normal? Cause it doesnt realy look.... natural.


    Any input would be great! The burnt leaf tip I suspect was my fault for not waiting a day when adding water and the clorine content messed things up... do I cut the dead tip off or just leave it?

    Thanks for looking:bongin:

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