First Grow...2 Bagseed, 1 Sour D, FFOF, FF Nutes, CFL

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    Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    2 Dank Bagseed
    1 Sour Diesel Seed
    8 27w 6500k CFL - veg
    8 27w 2700k CFL - flower
    Grow box - 2'x2'x4'
    Fox Farm Grow Big
    Fox Farm Tiger Bloom (soon)

    Bagseed in 3gal pot is 2 weeks old (started off in solo cup with old, nasty organic soil, swtiched too ffof, new growth looks good so far, well see). She is growing slow, not sure if i'm going to keep her...


    Sour D. and othe Bagseed are looking good, both sprouted 3-5days ago. The Sour D stretched at the beginning but now its under 200 actual CFL watts and the lights are 2in away from the plants, so it's good to go.

    Sour D.


    Youngest Bagseed


    The Box/Setup

  2. anyone with comments?
  3. Lookin good, you should check my grow out :) Your light fixture is a better than mine :p good job. I think my plants are around 3-4 weeks... I'm not really counting to be honest , but I have an idea of how old they are, haha, its ready when its ready.
  4. If I have my desk fan blowing in the corner away from the plants and the plants are constantly moved by the wind, does that induce stress or is it fine? Its not blowing a lot.
  5. The fan blowing is a good idea at certain times of the day, I have some plants similar in size to yours right now and I turn a fan on them sometimes to ventilate the room and strengthen the stems up.
  6. I leave the fan on 24h now, since I dont have an intake/outake system yet (waiting on parts), that isn't going to stress them is it?

    Also, as you can see on the Sour D, the leaves curl she still healthy or is there a problem?
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    Ended up having to scrap the one in the big pot, so now I have only two plants, the bagseed and SD going under 208w of 6500k cfl's

    It is day 12 for these two, the bagseed is not realy getting taller and is outgrowing the solo cup width wise, because it's not growing upwards really. What can I do?

    Also, judging by the size....when should I transplant into bigger 3gal pots?

    Update pics...

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  8. lookin good man, sorry to hear about the other bagseed :( at least you got the sour d goin!

    the fan on em 24/7 is alright. I have my fan on constantly, helps circulate air, cool down temps & bulbs, and strengthens the stem of the plant

    i'd say any day now you should transplant em & then you'll see em start growin faster :D

    keep it up man!

  9. Can't wait to see the final product :D
  10. Thanks guys!!!!

    Goin to transplant into 3gal pots today!!! hopefully they both just shoot up. Update in a couple days...

    Most likely updating the journal once or twice a week at least, more if I have problems (which I hope I won't!!)
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    Well they are both in 3gal pots now, just fed them w/ Grow Big (2tsp/gal), 1/2 a gallon each, 1 gallon for both. Using Nestle bottled water by the way. BTW lights were raised to get pots out and take pics...lights are 1-2in above plants normally.

    Sour D is 15 days old today from sprout

    Bagseed is 13 days old today from sprout (looks to be doing even better)

    Can you guys answer the questions on the pics themselves??? THANKS!

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    I'm also using Grow Big for my veg nutes. I'd say your overfeeding them and they will show nute burn soon. They're too young for nutes. You need to check your PH levels of the water + nutes your feeding it. Grow Big tends to lower the PH of the water. Your plants are overfed with 2 tsp of nutes / gallon + the rich Ocean Forest soil your using. Start at 1/2 tsp / gallon for two weeks and then step it up to 1 tsp / gallon and eventually two.

    For now you need to flush w/ distilled water and only feed it distilled water / ph adjusted water for the next week.
  13. That's what I was going to do.

    Picked up some big bloom I mix grow big and big bloom together in water, or do them at seperate waterings?
  14. Update

    Sour D is 17 days, had a little nute burn, growth seems slowed a little, flushed with (4) 0.5L water bottles today, plant looks health otherwise

    Bagseed is 15 days and is roaring. People saying that 2tsp/gal last feeding would yield nute burn, but so far it seems like the plant just ate it up and grew quick...the stem has really thickened up.

    What would you guys say to 3 more weeks vegging before flowering?


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  15. bump for the journal
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    Grow big is your vegging nutrient

    Big bloom is your flowering nutrient

    I wouldn't add big bloom until your about to flower.

    EDIT: This is not correct, look at newgrowNy's post
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    Big bloom is used in the entire grow, not just for flowering. Its got lots of micro nutrients and very safe on plants, little chance of giving nute burn. I start at 1 tablespoon per gallon but you can go to two and then three pretty quick.

    Tiger bloom is what you will switch out the grow big for when you go to flower.

    Edit: I grow in FFOF also with their nutes and modify the schedule to what the plants look like they need. I start with Big bloom about week two and only give 1/2 teaspoon of Grow Big at week 3 or 4. I usually never give more than 1 teaspoon/gallon of Grow Big.
  18. Thanks for clearing that up, I'll have to start adding some big bloom to my next watering.

    I found a link to the Fox Farm's website's feeding schedules
  19. Everything's looking green and pretty, amigo. Keep it up...she looks like she's liking the light you have.

    Any idea on the lineage of that Sour strain you have? Is it a NYCD seed or an ECSD hybrid? Or neither...

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