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  1. 150w hps Soil grow3-5 gallon bucket (can't remember)Temps 75-80Humidity is at 35 ( haven't been able to get it past 40)Started with 6 all from bagseed...3 males 3 females...Killed the males alreadyBurned 1 female with cfl so now I have 1 big mama about 2feet veg 2months from bagseed.The other female is the onebi have questions as I am in week 3 of flower. I made a miatake transferring it to this bucket thinking I could finish it in it but seems the roots are reaching the sides and bottom. Not sure what's goin on it looks healthy bit hasn't been exploding in growth like I thought it would. I used fox farm nutes during veg but have not used any yet in flower. I know its only week 3 but looks like the yeild gonna be low... I don't wanna fuck up my big girl so I'm flowering the smaller one first until I get a stronger hps.... but for now any advoce would be appreciated. ... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. Here's two pics ill get more tonight without hps onSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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    She's looking good.  I think you are right not to be giving her nutes yet seeing that she's in a 5gal container, which should have enough nutes to sustain it for a while, particularly when it's small like that. 
    She's likely small because you're only working with a 150w....that bulb can only do so much. Upgrade to a 250w or even 400w next round and you'll see the difference. For this plant it's not too late to throw in a few CFL's to supplement your HPS...hang a ~40+ watt 2700k bulb over each of the main cola's and you'll get some bigger bugs.
    Your temps and humidity are spot on. Don't worry about trying to get the humidity up. Just make sure you're got good ventilation.
    I would definitely suggest finding a way to cover your bucket because roots do not like to have light on them. 
    Good luck. You're on the right track.
  4. Thanks tunga I've been doin almost everything by the book of cervantes. I'f my budget allowed I wouldn't be using this 150w. I started off veg with cfl s about 200w worth but still using those on the big mama. How long do u think I should flower this unknown strain its almost week 4 and I want to try and make the most of this at least yeild enough to justify the electric bill lol. What nutes if any should i give.?? Also I have a friend w ith a 1000w hps.. could I switch it to that now even tho its been under the 150 for 3 weeks? Don't wanna stress this one as I've already killed 1 female plant. Thanks in advance Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. u could do the 1000k, most have dimmable ballast and turn it down to 400 or so imo
  6. Something is up with that plant it's stunted or something. I have a 175 true watt led and my plants get much bigger after 30 days than that normally. I would get the 1000w and try to flower your big plant. Look into bloom nutes and to raise humidity when using a bigger light simply leave a container of open water in the room with the Plants. Or buy cheap humidifier I know the budget sucks but in the grow world you need to spend money to get bud back. At least a little you can be smart about it but 500-600 setup cost is minimum buy in to be able to grow decent bud.
  7. How far is your lamp from the plant?

    Remember the inverse square law when setting up your grow. The light decreases by 1/x. This means if you have your light set up at 3ft, it'll receive 1/4 of the lumens the same light would provide if it was placed at 1.5 ft.

    Good luck dude.

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