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  1. so i been researching for over a year. my brother and i wanna get growing. he is 6 years younger than me and a lot more impatient. anyways he did his first grow with 4 clones. he got some where around 10 grams i believe off his plants. they looked pretty bad at the end of his grow. this time i am trying. i have a large area to work with but money is tight. i have a cousin who grows outdoors every year. he gave me a bunch of seeds. i figured i would start with as many as i could, which meant all my grow cubes, 13. well now i am almost in week 3. 13 out of 13 grew from seed. i decided to go with a dwc set up using 2-30 gal totes and a 5 gal bucket for the 13th plant. i under estimated how fast things would go. i plant to move the plants to 5 gal for flowering but i thought i would know sex by then. my best plant is in the 5 gal with one cfl above it. i am using all cfls atm and have a 400w hps for flowering. i know i will definitely need more.

    this project is a little frustrating because i was sorta rushed into it but also was real excited getting into it. at this point i am just letting things go and see what happens. i have definitely 2 or 3 plants with someweird issues. like tips burnt and strange leaf growth also smaller then the good looking ones. i believe my air stones may not be sufficient enough. i have 2 bigger air pumps running 2-12 inch airstones in the 30 gal and a small air pump running a 3 inch diameter airstone in the 5 gal. like i said the 5 gal plant is doing amazing. it was the late bloomer too. now its out grown the rest.

    i am thinking of killing the plants with problems and transfering the remaining 6 to 9 into 5 gals. my brother wants to see what sex they are first. i am feeling a little over whelmed at this point and under funded, lol.

    i guess i am just asking what should i do from here, one monday i am doing my firsy water/nute/res change. from how the plant in the 5 gal is doing i think the others would do better in that. also i waited to long to transfer from grow cube to the dwc set up i think too. the late bloomer didnt have much roots popping out of cube and i think maybe thats why its doing better. the other had some up to 3 inches.

    anyways any input is appreciated. if i get on my comp i will post some pics to let you guys see my set up.
  2. I would flip to 12/12 at the end of week 4, identify the males, and whittle everything down to 6 plants max under that 400w.
    I wouldn't go for extra veg time here, already got more than a 400w can handle effectively.
    Get as much air to those roots as you can, suggest a good 18-20w airpump for around $35. Looking forward to pics!!
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    yeah the plan is hopefully find 6 or less females. i also plan to get another 400w but i still only want 6 plants max. i was also planning on switching to flower when plants hit around 12 inches. i am pretty sure its a sativa since the seeds came from outdoor plants. so i know they are most likely gonna grow tall. more research and advice may change my plans tough.

    i am still trying to figure out how to post pics. my comp is acting dumb. i cant see my pics before uploading and i cant figure out how to get my pic on the phone into thumbnail size.

    i got some really strange growth going on a few plants and i really wanna get pic on here of them for some advice. i am thinking since i waited too long to transfer from cubes to the totes the roots may have gotten damaged and effected growth. also i think i may not have enough air in the water and water temp seems a little high. 73-75 degree f

    anyways i am gonna keep working on getting pic on here.(got pics working now, kinda a process, because of a crappy comp.)

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  4. Ok looks like i figured out how to get pics on here now. I am really new so don't expect an expert set up. I was kinda rushed into this but i am usin pretty much bag seeds. This is my way of learning by experience and also by doing a lot of research. My CFL small bulb are about 3" away from plants and my 125w CFL might not be doing much because it may be too far away fom the plants. I am trying to light 4 plants with that one. Anyways here are some more pics...hopefully, lol.

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  5. i am running 8-23w cfls above 8 of the plants. half are 6300k and the other half are 2700k. the bigger cfl is 125w, it works amazing for getting seeds started. if i ever do this type of set up again i will probably use a 400w mh light. i started with so many because i wanted better odds to get females. i didnt realize how long it can take to find out what i got. at this point i plan to go into flowering with all the plant unless some get really bad issues.

    the plant thats solo in the 5 gal seems to be doing by far the best. i think maybe the plants in the 30 gals arent getting enough air and maybe lights need to be closer. i am also using a very low dose of gh flora grow for nutes. my ph is close to 6.0, i am using liquid testers. i have two types of liquid tests. my ppm before nutes was around 125 using a tds meter and after adding some nuts is around 320 in each container. ppm is something i am just learning about and it says on nute bottle i need around 300 ppm for seedling, what i dont know is how to add in the 125 ppm before nutes. i read two different opinions. one you aim for 300 ppm over all or 300 plus the 125, so aim for 425. anyways i went with the less nutes. on monday i am gonna change water in all containers and bump up nutes.

    once again any advice is appreciated

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