First grow 12/12 from seed Nutrient question!

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  1. Alright so this is my first grow. I was using 6 CFLs on 2 plants but 1 plant was male so now its 6 CFLs on one plant. 12/12 from seed using FFOF soil. I only did straight water for 2 weeks then started giving it the flower formula and the hydroplex.

    I have no clue if I have been feeding it correctly or even if my plant looks healthy.

    I got these 2 nutes

    I fill up to 15ml on this shot glass thing I got with hydroplex then dump it into a cup of water

    then fill it up again with the flower formula to 15ml on the shot glass then pour it into the same cup of water, stir, PH then pour it into the plant. I do that every other day.

    Is it right and does my plant look healthy?

    Oh ya its right at 4 weeks old.

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  2. :wave: Looks healthy to me :D Can't believe she flowering already :smoke:

  3. Are you saying that you used 12hrs of light since the seeds germinated? That would explain why your plant is so little and already flowering. In regards to your question of whether your plant is healthy. It doesn't look unhealthy but I have my doubts when people flower plants so prematurely, I don't think that is necessarily healthy and in the best interest of your buds strength and obviously yield.

    I do notice a trend on many forums in that people start flowering after 2 weeks already or in your case even sooner than that. To me that doesn't make sense, give your plants some vegetative growth first with plenty of light and then switch to flowering. Just my 2cts.

    Also, in regards to nutrients. A plant that small should have plenty of nutrients from the soil. Unless you used soil that has already been depleted of nutrients. Be very careful as it doesn't take much to provide them with too many nutrients, also a trend I see since people opt to buy many different additives from the many marketers out there.

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