First Grow 1000w HPS (White Widow Fem and Blue Berry Skunk Fem)

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    Well I started on my grow room and got 2 of each of the seeds germinating right now. After they germinate I will plant them into 6" cups with store bought soil mix pre watered. And grow under some store bought Flouro Grow lights till I get some growth than add to the 1000w HPW about 8-10 above to start than lower as to test the waters to 5". If these work I will germinate the rest of the seeds. I have 3 more of each strain both femized,

    The grow room is a big walk in closet. I have ventilation for the HPS part of the grow comming. 4" tubing and inline fans one for input and one for output. The output will be ran through the hole in my ceiling. and the input through a hole Im drilling near the door of the room it goes under the bed of the room the closet is located in.

    In the room ofcourse I will have a fan to move the air around and keep the plants from being to moist. Watering and ferting will be done by hand and all organic ferts bought from local gardening stores.

    Hopefully the seeds wiill have germinated tomarrow and I can have some sort of pictures to post and update with flouros. Im grabbing the HPS outta storage and setting up either tomarrow or the next day. If all 4 seeds go I will just grow 4 plants for this harvest and do the next 6 seeds next harvest.

    Will keep you guys up to date Im happy to finally start my first grow Ive been wanting to do this for use.
  2. Is there a reason your only growing 4 plants. If your paying for 1000w's every month id say use it and germ more seeds now. just my 2c
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    I am germinating more after these germinate I didnt want to do all my seeds at once. Once I get these in their pots under flouros I will do the rest and have 10 plants prob under the light.

    Oh yea Im getting my ballest and bulb outta storage tonight so I will hang that and Take a pic of my room without the ventilation, My ducts and inline should have shipped out today When they come I get to vut my inline hole in the bottom of my wall. Outflow is going throught s hole in my ceiling
  4. I got my ballest today and bulb didnt put bulb in because I have no chain to hang the ballest into my ceiling so tomarrow I will hit up homedepot. I will also try to grab a few extra flouro for my starter lights here is a few pics. One of the ballest and one of the flouro starter cornor of the grow room.

    My seeds are starting to crack too so I can get them into pots and under flouros in 3 days tops.

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  5. Seeds have germinate 2 White Widow, 2 Blueberry Skunk I started germinating the rest of the seeds.

    Below is a pic of the soon-to-be seedlings under the flouros. I should have the plastic lining and ballest hung tomarrow, but my ventilation gear wont be here till Next Wedsday.

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  6. Today 2 of the seeds popped up and are looking healthy and I got the ballest hung. Tomarrow I cut the holes for the ventilation, I would have pictures but I droped my razor phone and broke it and wont have a new one till next week
  7. lookin good so far. you will DEF have more room with that 1000watter
  8. Update on the plants. Got 6 going now. He is quick shot they are under the HPS now

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  9. Raised the plants to stop them from stretching, and growth is real decent. At this rate my plan to flower at 4 weeks should work out good.
  10. looks like your off to a great start man, cant wait to see them under the 1000, :hello:
  11. GL with your grow!

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