First grow; 1000w 5 x 5 SCROG in back of shipping container

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  1. Howdy-

    I walled off the back 5 feet of a 20' shipping container for a grow room. The grow area is about 5' x 5', and the room is about 7.5' x 5' x 7' tall. I cut an 8" exhaust hole in the upper corner. Intake is through a filter on the nongrow side of the container, but inside the box. The container doors are usually cracked open. Security is not a big concern, nor is smell but I have a filter anyway as well as a muffled fan.

    My equipment is:
    1000w Sunsystem XXXL AC grow light (currently being run w/o AC as it is not needed at the moment).
    Lumantek ballast
    Phresh air filter for intake.
    2 digital grounded 7-day timers
    50 qt GE dehumidifier
    Wall Fan
    Muffled max fan & filter
    9: #3 pots with Gorilla Glue clones
    Black Gold soil.
    Kill A Watt energy meter (I will be changing from 15a to 20a service this week).
    On the ceiling of the container is hog wire that everything hangs from (see image)
    Walls and ceiling painted white. Floor shop gray
    Running light at night to keep warm as outside temps are in the mid 40s, and inside with light on in 70s. Light off noon - 6PM. Will switch to on 9PM to 9AM soon. This will keep me from being tempted to go into the room during family hours, and keep the room warm at night.
    Exhaust comes on for 2m every three hours to refresh room. If heat becomes an issue, I will put blower on a temp activated switch rather that auto 2m on every three hours.
    Feeding with Foxfarm Grow Big

    Feb 1: Planted Gorilla Glue clones from dispensary in # 1 pots, light dimmed to 600w 18/6
    Feb 7. First pinch. Light to 1000w, 3.5' above plants.
    Feb 12: Shift to #3 pots. Light 2' above plants.
    Feb 21: Built scrog from 1.25" PVC. Got 4 way junctions from pipeworks. Removed AC venting as I needed to keep heat in rather than remove it.

    At this point, I'm not sure if should let the plants grow up to the screen another 2" or so, or lower the screen down onto the plants and splay the branches. My plant was to let them grow up to the screen, but I am concerned they are going to get too big. Thoughts?


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  2. The Plants look great....I am no SCROG expert, but I think you have way too many plants under the screen.....Most fill till 75% or so and flower, but it looks like you are 100% from the start. Maybe someone with scrog experience will step in with advise. I hope this helps

  3. Hi OldGoat,

    Thanks for the note.

    I think you are right. My buddy just swang by for a consult and told be to flip them to 12/12 today.

    I'm thinking I might just do four plants instead of nine that space next round.

    I also lowered the rH on my dehumidifier to 50% upon his advice (I think I was at 60%) before. One slight negative surprise is how much the dehumidifier is running at 300w +/-. Oh well, about to go soloar and going to build a system for the house with a grow room in mind.
  4. Shit - the bulb just blew when the light came on! Using and cloning light and an old 250w grow light from the 90s until the grow store opens. Maybe I should by an extra bulb this time.
  5. Day 28 dunked them in an Azamax solution in a #5 bucket.
    Lights on 8PM to 8AM.
    Turned off exhaust fan during light of period to save heat.
    Photo from day 33 (day 1 is when clone was planted in #1)

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  6.'s best not to handle the bulbs with your bare hands if you do happen to touch it clean thoroughly with iso. The oil from your skin can shorten bulb life. Curious how you get to the plants in the back...5 ft long jump? Lol

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  7. Keep an eye on the humidity if fans are off on the dark cycle. have some wind 24 hrs, and it will keep you a happy camper. I hope this helps
  8. The helpful guy at the local hydro store confirmed today it was ok to leave exhaust fan off during dark period. However, I need to have the exhaust on more during the day (our night) to ensure enough CO2 coming into the room. The problem is the air outside is in the 50s, so it cools the room too much. Also I have a 8" vent which might be a bit much for the room as even on low, it move 100% of the air in 2 min or so.

    Going to put the exhaust on a sentinel thermo/ humid on/off switch instead of a timer. I will dial it down so that it comes on at around 71 degrees. Hopefully, this will come on enough to provide enough CO2. A switch that turned it on every two minutes or so for a minute would be cool.

    Once the evening temps rise around here, this problem should go away. CO2 more important than temp.

    Saw a small fly in the room today.....what to do?
  9. A shipping container is fairly sealed anyway right? If so why not run a sealed room and inject c02?

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    Hi SD-

    CO2 is interesting, but this is my first crop in a new room, and I feel like I have enough to handle already. Also, I would need to add a lot of heat, and that equals more expense too.

    Last night, I removed the timer from my exhaust and set up a Sentinel temp/ rh monitor to turn the exhaust on and off. I stood there and watched it run for about an hour (wondering how my life came to this) to convince me it was coming on and off correctly.

    The temp reading on the sentinel and my thermometer were about 10 degrees off. I put the Sentinel sensor in the middle of my scrog. I'm tuning the sentinel based on my thermometer, and not the numbers on the Sentinel dial which read about 10 degrees low. Here is my thermometer:

    This morning I go in the room to find the exhaust was running all night sucking cold air into the room. At some point the RH level must have triggered after I went to sleep. The exhaust was pulling cold, moist air into the room and working against itself. The room was in the 50s!

    New plan is have exhaust come on with Sentinel on temp only at 70 degrees, and run dehumidifier 24/7. The RH function on the Sentinel will be deactivated. Until the weather warms up, the exhaust will likely be off during the plants night (our day), and come on during the plants day (our night) every ten minutes or so at a minimum.

    This is the third oops in a month: 1) blew a bulb 2) friend found a bug and turned me onto Azmax 3) exhaust pulling cold air into room all night (plant day) for way too cold. Good thing they are hardy girls.
  11. Hello, round two with CO2. Much better! I run the lights at night, and it is cool enough I don't need AC nor ventilation. I actually have to add heat.

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