first gro journal ww,mk,blackberry k,diablo og,bluedream

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  1. this is my first gro so ima show the 1 week for the 1 in the 5g bucket wwhitewidow gro tall real fast, the rest are 3 days old there all clones

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  2. so if theres any body with good tips pls let me know oh and ima update pics every week till done
  3. no tips that just mean :(
  4. decided to go with a bubble bucket just 1 to try it out
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    todays a sad day i just got back from san diego left for 2 day brotherin law was taking care of plants and my blackberry died dont know how or why but the rest of the plant are growin fast and nice blooming really fast heres some updated pic oh and just added HINDU SKUNK into bubble bucket

    whitewidow9 inch
    whitewidow1 foot tall
    master kush
    Hindu skunk
    the left plant is Diablo Og the right is Blue dream

    SO this is the update pics i took today
    let me know ur what u think
  6. bump bump
  7. + rep looking good...... u should lst to get the most out of them.
  8. i was thinking vertical scrog!!!!! that the shit u gotta look it up
  9. when am i able to top them cuz i wanted to hst and lst by scrog and topping them but dont know when to do it 2 of my plants are already 1 foot tall the other 4 are alot smaller since there indica the whitewidow are growing really fast so wondering whens a perfect time to top them????
    some1 please help prefer help from some1 how has EXP
  10. heres a updated pic how big my girls are

  11. I'm surprised you haven't gotten more comments, I love the choices in strains. Some of my favorites. I'm in for the long haul.

    Good luck!
  12. I'm surprised you haven't gotten more comments, I love the choices in strains. Some of my favorites. I'm in for the long haul.

    Good luck!

    THXS alot i see u started ur gro ill check it out and u got hindu skunk !!!
    i hope ur in a more advance stage then me so i can see the beautys
  13. ok i see alot of people are looking at my thread

    Cmon some input would be nice u know like those girls are nice or u dont know what ur doing someshit so i would know that im on track or i need help

  14. If you do any training on those plants, right now would be an ideal time, when they aren't too big yet.
  15. i just fimmed it and tomorrow ima by a scrog but ima do it vertical which ive seen that it increase ur yeild a whole lot more
  16. if anybody has done vertical scog let me now how that turned out plz :smoke:

    i just thought i should mention some funny shit my bro inlaw just harvested burgendy goo and he gave me a fat 8th so i just got done getting blown by the way thast the shit ima try to find a clone if not a clone buy seed but like i was saying ive beed ashing my cig, blunts into a coke can for like days lol
    and since that burgendy goo is soooo good i grab the wrong can i drunk a grip of fucking shit the wrost shit i tasted ever and i can smoke a blunt to the head and i just smoked half so here are the pros and con

    1this shit is the best shit i smoked in a long time
    2 it gets u high as fucc with a lil amount
    1makes u forget what ur doing
    2cutton mouth like no other
    lol just had to mention lol
    sood strian
    thats going for my next gro
  17. Whats a vertical scrog?
  18. aww man ima post a link go to it here it is

    tell me what u think about it

    [ame=]YouTube - Vertical Scrog - Casey Jones, Sour Grape, Purple Kush - Week 3 of 12/12[/ame]
  19. I say go for it man I saw a guy that in his garden, in addition the 600w hps he had over head he had tons of 70w bulbs suspended just the cable down into the canopy with lots of fans to manage heat. It was awesome.
  20. looks crazy tho huh thats some crazy scrog

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