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First glass!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by l3b4, May 27, 2009.

  1. It's a bubbler!:hello:

    named him zoolander... it came to me the first day i used him i was walking home from dominoes stoned with a box of pizza in my arms lol


    ^ in his case


    ^ On my desk

    I payed $40 after tax for the bubbler and the case... good deal? rip off?

    this is what i used before zoolander:


    lol the long thingy is maria my first homemade (besides an apple) she can be used as a bong or a pipe... the short fat thing is a filter i put into maria and the taller thing with the cardboard cylinder is for a gravity bong (i put it on the mouth of a water bottle) and can be used as a pipe... they are all interchangeable and stuff lol doesnt matter i dont need those contraptions anymore :D

    also i bought for the first time recently i got .7 of some citrus something something (long name) for $10... fair deal? i suspect it to be some beasters after reading this thread

    it smells a little citrus-y and pepper-y.... was it a good deal? or should i have gotten more?

    thanks guys :D
  2. good deal for he bub and case, looks nice how did it smoke?
    the citrus sound like a good price, .7g for $10 isnt bad, some people on here pay $20 for .9
  3. i like it alot igot a mini double bubbler almost just like that :)

    not a good deal nor a bad deal, you paid a good price for it. but def. a great first peice my friend :)
  4. I like the colors. Nice piece.
  5. hits really well! :smoking: I can take some giant hits from it but i have a problem because sometimes my weed falls in the water without being burnt so i cant cut it up as much i have to take a big piece and put it in first then a bunch of smaller ones after...

    thanks guys :gc_rocks:
  6. glass screen or metal screen, pebbles work too but remember to clean them well
  7. just use big buds until you get enough resin, or get a glass screen(looks like a jack), occasionally i get ash in my mouth(dry pipe), but its always bad when its clean
  8. like a rock pebble? lol i might try that but i dont wanna scratch up my piece xD

    im concidering the glass screen but the resin idea sounds good too...

    thanks for the replys :D
  9. diggin the piece, zoolander sounds perfect too, reminds me of the movie posters hahaha

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