First glass pipe

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  1. So here is my brand new glass pipe :D
    My question is does the curvy thing that's on the side serve any purpose? I know the knobs on the top are for gripping but I was just curious about the other features of it since I've never owned a glass pipe before. Thanks blades

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  2. Purpose = looking totally badass
  3. Could be a grip. Depending on size it might be for a string, were it around your neck
  4. The knobs are more for protection, you could drop that pipe and not have any damage if it landed first on one of the knobs. The other thing prolly has no purpose, only aesthetic.
  5. Daaamn that dry is dope man.
  6. Well it does certainly make it look badass huh? Lol but yeah I smoked out of it an those knobs are perfect for my left hand because the carb is right where my thumb sits an the knobs give me the grip so I only need that hand to hold it ever. Oh and it hits like a beast! Two hits and I was levitating, like literally! Lol

  7. its just a horn, and its purpose is a) make the pipe even more pleasing to look at and b) to grip, perhaps? its mostly decorative. nice first bowl.
  8. It don't do shit.
    Definitely a nice work of art you got there though! Mind if I ask how much it was?
  9. It was actually only $40 which is a like $20 less than I would expect to pay for one like it.

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