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  1. Hey guys I finally got my first glass piece! It's just a little colour changing pipe that turns blue when it gets heated up but it hits like a dream

    It cost me $25
    But I can't get a screen to stay in they always pop up or fall out really easy, you guys get any advice on how to get them to stay in?

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  2. Get a glass screen, bro. :smoke:
  3. The store I got it from isn't actually a head shop so they didn't have stuff like that, is there anything else that would work for it?
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    If you definitely want to use a screen, get a glass screen (jacks work the best) and put a dab of clover honey on the points that touch the inside of the bowl then burn the honey and let your bowl cool. Your filter will be there to stay until you pull it out. Ill throw in a pic. If you don't like the honey idea you just have to be careful not to lose the filter and smoke with it in until it stays put. It usually takes about 5-10 bowls for me.

    Small pebbles can substitute for glass screens as well, just make sure you choose an inert rock and not a chunk of lead crystal or something

    You can also use a "plug nug" which is just a big nug that plugs the hole in the bottom and you can put ground up stuff on top of it.

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  5. build up some resin and the metal screen will stick if you push it down with a pen cap or something
  6. Nice 1st piece ! I had the same problem today while I was smoking some kief, you can use a small pebble for a screen if you can't get anything else to work for ya.
  7. ok.. this is a process.. so pay close attention...

    step 1: brush cheetos off chest and put on pants, shirt, and some sort of foot wear..
    step 2: walk outside
    step 3: look at ground
    step 4: pick up a pebble big enough to cover the hole.. but not bigger than the bowl
    step 5: rinse pebble off with hot tap water..
    step 6: put in bowl.. top with weed
    step 7: get high
  8. I seriously doubt you even need a screen in a glass spoon like that. I've never needed one.
  9. Congrats on your first piece man, you'll never forget it. I will never forget mine; I still have it! You might need a screen now, but after a good amount of use that hole will start to seal up with resin. Try to get it resinated and then you'll be good to go.
  10. Well I like the pebble idea but its winter (thanks for being a douchbag about it hotdish) so i will look for one but for now I guess I'll be real gentle with a screen and let the resin seal it in

    And thanks for all the congrats guys, it feels great to be starting my collection
  11. Just be sure to consistently push the screen down with something to get it a good shape while you wait for it to start sticking.
    Congrats on the piece man, enjoy. :smoke:
  12. try looking on the floor of your car..

    btw.. you're welcome for helping you try to figure out your problem.. sorry for being such a "douche bag" aye... :rolleyes:
  13. if you really can't get the metal screen to work for you amazon sells 10 packs of the glass screens for like 2 bucks.
  14. I never got metal screens in a glass pipe. Why buy glass then? Just 3 little nugs work as a screen. Then put ground weed on top.

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