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  1. So I went and got my first glass piece, upgrading from a $10 wooden one.

    I haven't christened it yet because we're going through a rough patch in my city.

    I was inspecting it and noticed the hole in the bowl is really quite large, ground bud will fall right through.
    I have some metal mesh screens I bought for my wooden pipe, would it be a bad idea to shove one of those in?

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  2. personally I never mix metal and glass. a long time ago in my younger days I was in desperate need of a screen ( I think I had like half a bowl of kief) and I needed to find a solution quik. after looking around my house and finding absolutely nothing I went outside. looked at the floor and the first thing I saw was a glass bottle. then it dawned on me. wash the bottle then break it and use a small piece of glass for a screen. after years of doing this, ill never buy a screen

    nice piece btw
  3. u dont need a screen for that dude just buch up the ground weed and shove it in, anything that falls thru will be too tiny to care about

    bigger holes are better they give u an easier hit and and fatter too

    small holes get clogged with resin

    if u really want a screen tho then go with steel screens they last a while, brass ones suck asshole

    u should get urself a good $10-$20 mini bong soon, u wont be sorry lol
  4. That hole doesn't look too big. You can out a metal screen in if it makes you feel better. It's your smoke, so do what you want, not what a bunch of strangers online are telling you to do lol. You can also get glass screens to drop in there if you'd like. I started doing that and got much better smoke with no shit in my mouth.
  5. The hole looks fine, just clog it with a bigger piece of weed.

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