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  1. Whats up grasscity. this is my first glass piece my sister bought for me.

    some no-name dank

    kief bowl
  2. i like it
  3. nicely done. it looks like the perfect little first bong :p
  4. Is your sister hot? Pics?

    Nice piece my good sir. :bongin:
  5. I really like that. Im not a real big bong smoker, but I like how its compact and looks easy to handle. And your sister bought it for you!? Thats dope as fuck

  6. yeah i love it. haha she bought it for my birthday with a grinder and some bud. best birthday ever
  7. +rep that's a nice bong.
  8. very nice man!
  9. Really?a piece, grinder, and bud haha definatly does sound like a good bday. thats awesome
  10. Awesome piece. And good call on the Pop-Tart in the background.
  11. Wow nice piece man, looks quite simple and pretty easy to use.,

    But dam man ur sis bought u it!!! thats crazy.
    I tried to get my sis to let me barrow some money to buy myself a bow but she ended up tellin on me. lol
  12. i dont know why but i really like it, thats a carb hole i see right? my dad bought my first piece on haight st.
  13. That does look like a really nice bong, only thing im gonna say is it looks like if you knocked it slightly or, put it down awkwardly it would just fall over and smash.
  14. amazing first piece dude
    hit that shit all night

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