first glass bong!!

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    its sick and im super happy with it!! its most likely a fake lol it was cheap i guess around $70 at some deli smokeshop sort of place. but i dont mind im happy i just have an all glass bong haha, going to a headshop and getting a sweet brand name piece would be great but thats not currently in the budget lolol. heres a few pictures i took with my droid, milk vid up soon or tomorrow ;) hits like a beast!!!

    also i dont know if there is some correlation or not but i felt fine last night ripped it with a couple friends, and again later in the night by myself but today i was a little nauseous feeling. i dont know if maybe im getting sick or not. i dont normally smoke bongs and havent in a while but maybe was it too big hits? not sure. but thanks for looking!

    edit: lol wow i just remember i barely put information about it. not sure of the height but over a 12" maybe 15" or so, 3 ice pinchers(typical of RooR but i cant tell with this piece 0_o ) diffused stem and glass slide. the slide is good rather small bowl compared to the full size but i wouldnt make use of it that quick anyway haha.



  2. Looks pretty soild for 70 bucks. Nice pickup man
  3. I second that^
    Nice man

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