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    I live in a HOT climate, this is my first shot in an un-air conditioned Garage. My Grow area is 45" wide 30" deep and 75" tall. I have a 5000 BTU A/C in it, A 600w MH/HPS lighting system Vented out the top with a 4" inline fan. I have another Exhaust fan up on top for the box. I ahve an 8 pot Auto pot Smartvalve system. I also have a !/4 HP Prime water chiller which I intend to use. The following is my Journal

    Tuesday August 5 2008 started germinating 10 Big Buds in distilled water PH 6.0 . I’m using Liquid Earth nutrients which consists of a base and grow or bloom solution.
    Friday August 15 I transplanted seeds to my Grow Medium 80% Coco and 20 Perlite. I’m feeding ¼ normal amount PH 5.5 PPM 150.
    Aug 11 nothing has popped Temp 70F
    Aug 12 at Morning feeding I see green in two of the 10 cups, temp 70 Relative humidity around 80%
    Aug 14 Basically I’m not happy maybe one plant PH 5.5 225 PPM, I have 10 Bubble Gum germinating this is a do over. I could have fucked up with the PH my Hanna Phep 4 is giving nutty readings and won’t calibrate. I’m switching to my backup Milwaukee.
    Aug 16 – 9 bubble gum germinated within 48 hours, I planted seedlings into small plastic cups with holes in the bottom filled with Perlite & Coco. Plants reside in grow box using florescent grow lights temp 73.
    Aug 17 turned on the 600W MH, temp went up to 90 lights are about 2 feet above seedlings, I move them up a bit hand watering 4 or 5 times a day.
    Aug 18 my temp in the box came down to 80F and I have a few nice seedlings.


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  2. 5000 btu ac unit right on side the box ? Damn u must live somewheres real hot that would do my whole basement man .....

    And your only using it for that small area ? What are normal day temps in your area ?

    Seems 2 me that gonna run your system way 2 cold ....
  3. During the summer it can get to over 100F in the Garage, If I use my car it gets even hotter (Turbo's). This is a Semi Tropical climate.

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