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First firecrackers experience

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Crosword, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. First time doing firecrackers, this was mine.

    Last night I was going to a bar then club as it was my schools graduation, I didnt want to drink because... well... alcohol is shit. I decided to instead make firecrackers. I decided on firecrackers because it lasts longer, it's less obvious than smoking and won't show up on saliva tests like smoking would (I would imagine), no-one else there knew I ate them either, they thought I was 100% sober.

    I made two firecrackers, one with nutella, the other with peanut butter.
    I used probably about 1.5grams (Estimated) all up, drove to the pub and ate them on the way at about 7pm.

    About an hour or so in we decided to go back to one of the guys house (who I just met) and everyone was gonna drink there before going to the club.

    Everyone was sitting there, drinking, and the whole time I was just wondering when or if these firecrackers were gonna hit me, it was over an hour later and I couldnt feel a thing.

    About 10 minutes later, it hit me, hard, I remember looking down at my arms crossed across my chest and not being able to move them, they were frozen.

    As the night progressed on, I kept getting more and more retarded. I was probably at my peak, and it was the highest I have been for AGES, and we decided we'd go to the club now (I was driving everyone)

    I've driven many times high and don't have any trouble with it, but never this baked, the trip was fine though, no worries.

    Got into the club and was still high when we left, at about 3:00am

    All up, firecrackers were awesome and will deffaintly be doing them again. The only downside for me was that when i was coming down from the high, It felt similar to burnout, wasnt like a normal down for me, but that might of been because i was still hungover from the night before.

    I was baked for the whole night, without anyone realizing a thing (although I think one of the guys was a bit suspicious).

    This whole slab of text has no real question, but if you had an awesome experience with firecrackers, post it.
  2. I tried making firecrackers twice. Both times the peanut butter was burnt and it was like eating ashes
    Definately diidnt get high, but obviously this was a cooking error
  3. #3 zappierdesert, Nov 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 28, 2011
    I got higher eating them burnt than eating them nicely baked. Not TOO burnt, but either way it tasted like ass. Now to the OP, congrats on your first experience. Some people can get high off it and some can't but good to know your weed wasn't put to waste. How did it taste for you? If wasn't as good then next time try drinking some milk or better yet, chocolate milk :D

    EDIT: Oh and use PB instead of Nutella. It still works either way but PB is has more oils and phats. Add like 2-4 drops of veggie (or I think olive) oil to double the oils and mix.
  4. It actually didnt taste too bad, can't say I hate the taste.

    Yea i used PB on one, but ran out so had to resort to nutella on the second.
    Thanks, ill try the veggie oil next time :)
  5. Reminds me of my experience, they do hit HARD
  6. What do u Suggest i do? I wanna make 2-3 but don't want my mom to find out. So she usually leaves on weekends to go out. So i was wondering if 2-4 hours is enough time for me to make them. And is there a smell? I just don't wanna get caught.

  7. They will take about 40 minutes including cooking time, thats if you're slow, so you'll have plenty of time.

    I had no problem with smell, I wrapped them really thoroughly in foil, as tight as possible. I also happened to cook sausage rolls at the same time, because I was hungry :p that probably helped mask the smell a bit too. But no, smell was not a problem at all for me.

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