first facial piercing :)

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  1. Just got a monroe tonight :) Pretty excited, thought I'd share with my blades. Not the best picture, but its all I have at the moment. What piercings do you guys have?


    peace and love :wave::smoke:
  2. I have snakebites, round silver studs
  3. Looking good

    >> The piercing :cool:

    <<and you ;)
  4. im diggin the new gear :) i had my tongue pierced but im an avid eater and it got sore from the constant pulling. the girls dont help with that either..... tend to enjoy pulling on it an i try to explain it aint fuckin sexy if im hurtin :laughing:
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    The monroe looks really good on you :D

    I have one in my right eyebrow, a 2g and another hole in one ear, and a smaller gauge and 2 holes in the other ear.

    E: My eyebrow and my 2g, from the eye thread :p
  6. You pull off the monroe really well, like really well. Not a lot of girls can do that.

    I have my ears that I'm thinking about gauging but i dunno.:cool:
  7. you're cute

  8. So, does the backing rub against your gums?

    Those always looked so uncomfortable to me.
  9. I have guages, 1/2 inch atm, going up soon. I'm sorry but I actually hate the monroe, I just think it looks really bad, lol. Glad you're happy with thit though. :smoke:
  10. I've DIY pierced my ears 5 times AAANNNNDD they've only got infected ONCE. :cool:
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    I have snakebites, my septum, belly, 8 guage tongue ring & my ears are at 5/8"

    :D looks good on you! I was thinking about adding a medusa to my metal face

    Mine do... it is annoying to me...many times I've contemplated taking them out bc of the backs on my teeth/gums. But I haven't lol... probably won't either

    I hear metal hitting my teeth every time I talk
  12. aw man that title had the best potential until the third word.....
  13. my tongue bar used to hit my teeth all the time.... got real annoying after a month er two.
  14. had septum, closed up when i had a runny nose and took it out for about an hr :cool:. my nipple gauged to a 6 :eek: and just pierced my ears a few weeks ago going to gauge them once they heal. also looking to redo my other nipple.
  15. why did u gauge ur nipple? :laughing: 6 aint to bad but still....
  16. Its aight, long as you dont get a face full of metal.
  17. well when it was first pierced it was a 16, and those rings are to small. i just kept gauging up till i was happy with the thickness and overall size of the jewelry. possibility i may gauge some more but atm im stickin with a 6. last i tried to gauge to a 4 it was the first time it actually HURT
  18. look @ profile pic.

    other than that, just my ears.
  19. I believe it :eek:
  20. ouchhh :devious:

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