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First experience, a lot of questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheAtheist, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. A couple of nights ago was my first experience with green tobacco... it was much different than I expected. It felt like I was incredibly drunk almost immediately (more drunk than I have ever been, because I would have passed out before I could ever get that way by drinking). All I could hear was a loud ringing noise, my vision was distorted, I was mostly numb, and I was very dizzy and confused. A few minutes into it, we decided to go to get food. On the way out of the door, my vision started going black and I passed out. After managing to get in the back seat of the car, I remember just thinking that something went horribly wrong and that I needed to go to the emergency room or I was going to die... I recall telling them something wasn't right but I can't really remember. It felt like the person driving was drifting and speeding, but apparently they weren't. Once we got to the place, I didn't want anything to eat at all (that's right, no munchies all night, what gives?) and I thought that everyone could tell we were high and were judging us/trying to call the cops. I swear I could see them looking disapprovingly at us. My feet, genital area, stomach, and head were on fire and tingling (in some ways it was a good feeling, in some ways it was bad). I thought I was talking very loudly when I tried to warn the others of people staring at us, but apparently I was only whispering. My heart was racing. Once we left the place I started calming down a little and we watched Airplane at a house, which got me in a slightly better mood. However, I was never calm/relaxed, and I thought that's what it was supposed to do to me? And I never knew that it would mess me up like that (like way more than playing a couple of rounds of beer pong after having 8 beers). The positives were that it took a horrible itch/pain away from an injury on my ankle (my legs were numb...) and it was the first night in a while that I wasn't completely depressed. I think that maybe the combination of it being my first time/it being particularly strong weed made me react this way because I only took two draws from a pipe. (it had a carb on it, and they told me to frequently cover and uncover it, is that how you're supposed to do it?). I coughed quite a bit, but I think I managed to hold most of it in for about 10 seconds. I know it wasn't laced because everyone else, including my girlfriend who had only done it one time before (she took 10 hits from a bong like a champ her first time haha) was completely fine. The day after, I woke up in a very good mood and I was very talkative and very relaxed, and I felt somewhat different than usual and they thought I was still kinda high (the term greenday was thrown out there, what does that mean?)

    Overall, it was an interesting experience that started off absolutely terrifying and ended decently, and I hope that the next time will be better. Is my reaction to it unusual? Any advice?
  2. Word of advice - use paragraphs. Nobody is going to read that fucking wall of text dude.
  3. Point taken
  4. #1 - don't call it green tobacco

    #2 - if someone said greenday they probably meant that you 'greened' out or 'whiteyd', meaning you took more than you could handle and passed out/puked.. or they were just talking about the band lol

    #3 - this has happened to my friends, just try it again and you should build up a little tolerance enough to not green out again.. maybe smoke a bit less too
  5. I figured it out. You got High. :D
  6. It alright bro, you just got a little too high. Same thing happend with me, I thought I was going to die as I'd never had any sort of mind-altering substance before (Not even alcohol, but I had tried cigarettes) but next time take a toke and then wait like 3-5 mins to see if you want another. Also remember that no one, has EVER died from marijuana use. EVER.

    As for "still feeling sort of high after a day", well that will start to go away once you become more experienced. Some people don't like the feeling of being detached from reality and yourself (I hated it too at the start) but now I love that feeling. It lets me view things from a different perspective.

  7. I think you might be right:wave:
  8. I think we're getting away from the point...
    Your girlfriend hits the bong like a champ, if she can roll a good joint she's marriage material.

    But in all seriousness, most people's first times are crazy. Keep toking and it'll get better.
  9. the first time i smoked ill never forget listening to kid cudis first album man on the moon lol i was in a different world.
  10. until you are used to being high I would suggest staying in one location that you feel completely comfortable in (get all your entertainment, food, drinks all ready before getting stoned). it can make some people paranoid (like you got) if they aren't used to the feeling then go out in public.
  11. Yeah it is too cluster fucked, I didn't read.

    But I'm pretty sure a greenday is a whole day devoted to smoking the entire day.
  12. This is just my opinion... If marijuana can do that to you, marijuana is something you shouldn't deal with, I hate to tell someone not to smoke pot, but I mean shit I never heard of someone who couldn't handle it that wasn't someone just trolling. I'd try it one more time, don't rip from a bong or anything, puff on a joint or bowl it will get you higher slower, I mean, I skimmed through what you wrote since you didn't really separate your thoughts and just kinda rushed it into a single long paragraph. I have never EVER felt drunk when I get high, ever. I feel quite the opposite actually, saddens me to hear someone can withstand putting poison in thier stomachs but can smoke the good herb.
  13. Litterally word for word same thing happemed to me, feel asleep at the restraunt and all

    it happens, but usually that is the highest you will ever be
  14. Man, I would do anything to feel that intense first couple of trips i had.

    Having no idea whats happening to me, reacting to weird situations i never expirenced.
    Twas good.

    ... but ... Seems to me, you got high and high you got.

    toke on

  15. Apparently there's 4 trolls in this thread.

    But really, experiences like this are the reality of low tolerance, high potency marijuana smoking. That's just a fact about the herb- it can send some kinds of smokers for a hell of a ride.

    It happens to a lot of people, and they settle into feeling it normally. Happened to me.
  16. my tip to you is: dont try acid :)
  17. Don't sweat i man - i've done the same.

    Where I live its odd to smoke pure green. Its usually smoked with tobacco. I personally mix with legal herbal mixtures. That way, as you start off, you can control and moderate the weed content.

    If it doesn't hit you enough, have another J with the same amount, but remember to change ratio for bext time.

    Take it easy, and don't be pressured by more experienced tokers to match the amounts they smoke!

    Most of all remember to relax. Think of it as medication to escape lifes stresses and problems ... It isn't supposed to cause stress!
  18. Dude, very simple same thign happened too me first time i got high i dident know what i was expecting so i was realkly nercvous and terrified and weed encanced it, also you can geet sooo high you can have a bad trip, i thing we have all been there, the best thign to do (for me) is to simply lie down, and do somethign simple like sing along to a song and stuff like that

    Get all your munchies and drinks nearby...get stoned - instead of going out, just lock yourself in your room and get Tubular Bells, Rubber Soul or up on media player and just watch the visuals and trip...

    Otherwise get the games console going and play games - you sound very like me when I DOES feel like you're really pissed, you find it much easier to just sit there and not move, in which case next time just do what I've suggested or browse Youtube for "Sock", "Salad Fingers" and "Charlie the Unicorn"'ll be a MUCH more pleasant experience if you have something to concentrate on and not feel under any obligation to appear "normal" because you're stoned and in public!

  20. #20 Kroptonik, Aug 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    The way he described how he was feeling makes me think that "tripping" with wacky visuals is the last thing OP needs...

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