First Ever Outdoor Grow-op by the Bud Squad 2010

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  1. Hello Everyone,
    Well first off this 2 friends who decided that growing marijuana was the way to go in life. Considering marijuana is more valuable than gold plus we like to smoke way too much. We Live in the South Eastern area of the United States so growing conditions are fairly good. Okay, so enough about us... to our plants. Here are some pics of them as seedlings all the way to where they stand today we will include dates and details about each picture... hope you enjoy our thread and feel free to give suggestions, tips, advice or anything else you feel like sharing so that we can use your help for future reference in our grow ops to come indoors and outdoors... please and thank you.

  2. [​IMG]
    Our Plot Photo Taken on 4/21/2010
  3. [​IMG]
    Photo Taken 4/29/2010

    Photo Taken 5/14/2010

    Photo Taken 5/14/2010 ---> This is Currently our largest plant from the crop. His name is Grixis.

    Photo Taken 5/14/2010 ----> this row is pretty large... also have some new babies in the ground ha.
  4. [​IMG]
    Photo Taken 5/18/2010 ---> 4 days and noticeable growth.

    [​IMG]Photo Taken 5/18/2010 ----> Yummy. :]

    Photo Taken 5/18/2010 ---> Fullsize Folgers container so you guys can get an idea of their sizes.
  5. Very nice grow!! Keep the updates coming!!
  6. Thanks bro,
    we were looking at your grow op earlier that shits lookin nice too... this is the first time either of us have really grown weed and we have been researching and tending our plants regularly but we are still pretty new at this we do plan on expanding a little though and want to know any hints and tips anyone is willing to give that have experience in good outdoor growing... like the spot we chose is not really fertile for growing it was kind of just a plain kind of clay stricken patch of ground that nothing was really growing in lol... but it had adequate amounts of sunlight throughout the day so we decided to grow there anyway... i guess the main things we want to know are:
    1. What are the best ferts to use during the different stages of the plants life?

    2. What are the best pesticides to use on the plants to keep multiple types of bugs away?

    3. Are there any other additives we should consider for better plant growth and development and possibly a better yield..?

    4. Also, we need a very good description on sexting our plants and how to do it correctly so we can rid ourselves of the males immediately so we get seedless bud...

    Anyone with information, your input would be greatly appreciated.
  7. nice plants......good luck with ur season
  8. looks like you have your self a bomb little setup im jealous. first of all I wouldn't worry about bugs until you notice a problem, iduno about you but I don't like smoking pesticides. Yes you will definitely need some source of nutrients, i used the fox farms trio last year and had good yield just follow the feeding schedule. Sexing plants is real easy but the plant needs to be mature enough in order to tell. If their are white hairs were the base of your branches separate then its a female. hope this helps btw the search bar is your friend

  9. if white hairs form where the branches separate then im pretty sure like 90% of the crop is female i mean we have been watching for pollen sacks just in case cuz we want 0 seeds and dank bud... the plants all have such an amazing fragrance lol its great... definitely cant wait to see what we get....
  10. hmm look familiar.......
  11. loks good bro. what the dude 420and alot of other numbers said it pretty dead on. next time you might wanna give them a little more room though, their planted a little close together for my taste. but still a great set up you got.
  12. yea next year we'll definately be putting them further apart. we're thinking about a new plot though. we're going to be adding new pics today as well.
  13. wow man, great looking plants.. any idea as to the strain? i'm growing for the first time as well and have 5 started up.. only about 3 inches each but the season is early here in Ontario...Good things grow in Ontario
  14. they're just random bagseed but they're growing pretty well and they've been in the ground a little ove a month. but good luck with your grow
  15. Looking good grow I'd space them out a bit more...they will be all over each other come Spetember!
  16. awesome man, im lovin the spot.
    id love to kick back and put a few in the air over there, very nice scenery.
    Cant wait to see the harvest.
  17. Wow the grows looks great so far. What state you live in?
  18. Any updates/pics?
  19. Nice pic's of your grow.
    Just an FYI- On a segment on the morning news a week or so ago, the I.T. reporter did a story on laser printers & GPS capable cameras, lasers printers all have a unique I.D. they put on anything they print it marks anything printed on them so it can be connected back to the exact laser printer & if you dig. cam has a GPS feature weather its on or off it puts the coordinates of the location you took the pic at, if you know how to find it in the pic's code you can use software or a website to read the location cord.
    Glad I live in Cali & I'm a MMJ doctors recemended card holder ;)
    Just F.Y.I.

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