First ever Harvest

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Codith, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Nice work!!! from the looks of things your ready for a cold winter now.:smoke:
  2. :eek:WOW:eek:

    You, sir, are a fucking hero.


    Any other details? Strain, medium, nutes, etc???
  3. White Widow
    16 plants
    I used Soil recommended by my local grow shop
    Ferts used
    Yield Master grow: 10-3-6
    Yield Master bloom: 8-6-8
    Jumbo Bud: 0-53-30
    Molasses last two weeks
  4. wow thats really nice lol im about to have my first harvest i changed my 4 cfls to a 400 watt hps system and a tent thats 24 in x 24 x 55 so i know my lil pc grow im moving to the tent and im gonna let get big
  5. Wow, great first harvest, congrats

    Post the dry weight :p
  6. will do, hoping for 3 pounds if not more
  7. nice job Codith. one down, what are you going to do next year.

    im also doing white widows. have a look at the link in my sig.
    i still have about three weeks left.

    Again great job. + rep for your first grow...............:hello:
  8. NICE PULL! Looks like alot of work but if that wood stack in the back of the picture says anything about work ethic and attention to detail YOUR A HAPPY MAN:D GEARing up for the winter eh?
  9. Hahaha im growing it at a buddies, that his wood for his stove in his house.

    Next year I'm not sure, I know someone who wants me to grow in his basement, and already had most of the set up. So I might get a few more clones from my guy, and chuck them in the basement. I mean hell I still have a shit load of ferts from my outside plants.

    I might want to try getting some seeds. I was thinking maybe some

    Jack herer
    Super Silver Haze

    have a little mix going or something
  10. Sir, i love you for this. Mouth watering... and makes me want to grow my own xD
  11. Nice strain selection.
  12. ...bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves, we will be rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

    Congratulations on a Very nice harvest.
  13. Awesome harvest man...I love WW and I you will to....great job
  14. I also can't tell if some of the branches are touching? Try to space them out to prevent any unforunate things from happening
  15. no not touching, its the way they look hung up, remember that the when you are looking straight on that the layers go back 3 layers, so it makes it look like they are all close together but really its just the bud behinds the first layer that just happen to be between the open space gap
  16. congratulations,looks amazing.
  17. Epic! Those look like big, healthy buds. Enjoy the smoke :smoke:
  19. Looks like cutting it early didnt really affect you to much

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