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first ever grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mistergreen, May 31, 2009.

  1. hi peeps ive been readin stuff on your site for a couple of months now and thoght it was time to join and take the plunge into growing my own weed. i have 10 white russian seeds that are in germination as i speek, i bought them from serious seeds so don t know how good they are,i did however think they where pricey 60 pounds for 10 anyone used serious seeds before? they have been germinating for 24 hours 3 have cracked and tiny root tap can be seen , does anybody know how long the root tap should be in mm so i know when to plant? im going to have a grow diary for you all to see how dumb ass i am lol and hopefully you guys and gals will put me straight
  2. dude obviously u havent read that much,a s there is a germination sticky at the top of the page
  3. research guides and stickies first, you can learn alot in just a few hours! just keep studying and reading. :)

  4. as soon as its cracked and the tap root is visible you can plant.
  5. slanesh thanx for the advise really appreciate it ive also posted .....i think in wrong place thou most recent updates ive never used a forum in my life before so at 40 years of age im really struggling sure if u do a search u will find me mistergreens first ever grow and hey thanx again for postin :)
  6. fubar24-7 thanx for posting to be honest ive read and read and read and then....ive read some more and to be honest a lot of info conflicts one guys swears by his method another by his method so when i post im looking for as much info and everyones take on it if you get me?...also im new to forums im 40 years of age and all this new info on forums and the way took me 2 hours to work out wot a sticky was lol is fucking my head up sorry if i came over as a little dumb ...once again cheers for posting and i look forward to your next post
  7. Xx_syNDroMe_xX wot are you telling me that this guide in the sticky u suggest is the 1 and only guide the bibble then ? well im sorry but its not when i post im looking to find the general feel for something i know there are no hard facts out there ...yes do,s and don,t but hey wot if 1 guys plants his seeds when root tap is 10mmm and wot if the next guy puts his right in soil to begin with ? dude i have been doin a lot of readin .......but please post me back positive vibes man the rest of my posts im just a regular guy after a little support....doindia is also really helpin me out at the mo and man he knows his shit inside out...ok dude don t be shy and post back any ideas you have

  8. bro, im trying to knock u, but u claimed u have been reading for months now, an the question u asked is at the top of the page, n Yes it is a HARD fact, that if u follow his instructions ur seeds will germinate...

    The best thing about a sticky is that obviously it had to be a good post to become a stciky. An i think it has alot of info, detailed info that would probally be alot better then asking someone....

    Sorry if i came of negative, but i was just trying to point u to the answer......

    I know it works because ive used it

    An i wouldnt of been as abrupt, if u didnt use the line "ive been reading for months"

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